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The following presents a timeline and brief summary about court hearings, news stories and developments regarding to State of California v's Dr Conrad Murray. All the related threads for the discussion is also provided. Use this thread for a quick summary and and reference.

February 8 2010

Dr. Conrad Murray is arraigned and pleads not guilty to involuntary manslaughter charges in the death of Michael Jackson. His bail is set at $75,000. The judge rules as a condition to bail, Murray cannot be in possession of (or prescribe) anesthetics and specifically mentioned Propofol. The next court date is determined to be April 5th.

Joe, Katherine, Jermaine, LaToya, Jackie, Tito, Randy, Rebbie and Austin attended the hearing.

Coroner's report has been released. Discussion about the autopsy report http://www.mjjcommunity.com/forum/sh...ad.php?t=86936

February 17, 2010

California medical board announces the changes to Murray's medical license. They also state that they plan to seek the suspension of Murray's medical license.

March 1, 2010

TMZ reports that the investigators believe that Dr. Murray may have tried to cover up the fatal dose of propofol. They state that the amount that Dr. Murray told the cops that he gave to Michael Jackson versus the amount of propofol in Michael's system does not match up. They also report that there was an empty bottle of propofol with a tear in the stopper in a hidden compartment in a closet.

March 17, 2010

TMZ reports that Murray's defense says that they aren't receiving documents related to the case from the DA's office. DA's office responds back saying that they are sending the documents as soon as they are processed.

March 20, 2010

Ambulance reports leak, although their authenticity has not been confirmed.

March 22, 2010

TMZ reports that Michael Jackson's bodyguard Alberto Alvarez told investigators that Conrad Murray interrupted CPR to collect and hid propofol bottles.

March 23, 2010

Attorney General Jerry Brown on the behalf of Medical Board of California files documents asking Los Angeles Superior Court to prevent Dr. Murray practicing medicine in California until the criminal proceedings against him are completed.

March 24, 2010

TMZ reports that Joe Jackson will file for wrongful death lawsuit.

March 26, 2010

A recently unsealed search warrant lists all the drugs found at Michael Jackson's house.

March 27,2010

Joe Jackson files for wrongful death lawsuit. In the documents that he has filed it is stated that a weak pulse was able to be triggered by the emergency efforts but it could not be sustained. In the lawsuit Joe argues that Michael Jackson could have been saved if Murray called the paramedics sooner and told them about the propofol.

March 29, 2010

TMZ reports that Michael Jackson's bodyguard Alberto Alvarez is fired by the Jackson family. Although it has been rumored that his past was the reason for the firing, there hasn't been an official statement.

April 1, 2010

Dr. Murray's defense files documents to respond to Attorney General's motion to suspend Murray's medical licence. They state that Dr. Murray need to be able to work and earn an income to be able to pay for his defense.

April 4, 2010

TMZ reports that a possible defense strategy will be that Michael Jackson gave himself the fatal dose of propofol. Defense denies this story saying that they aren't talking to TMZ.

TMZ reports Michael Jackson consumed a lot of Coca Cola and hyped himself up with caffeine and later used propofol and other medicines to sleep.

April 5, 2010

Judge Michael Pastor is assigned as the trial judge. The next hearing date is set to June 14th. Judge did not make a decision in regards to Murray's medical license.

Katherine, Joe, Jermaine, Randy and Janet attended the court hearing. Murray enters the courthouse from back entrance to avoid fans and media. Judge Pastor does not allow cameras into the courtroom.

Discussion about April 5th hearing http://www.mjjcommunity.com/forum/sh...ad.php?t=89930

April 6, 2010

Ed Chernoff (Defense lawyer for Murray) gives a brief interview to Good Morning America saying that Murray is innocent and all the claims that he delayed to call the paramedics and hid propofol bottles are lies. Futhermore Chernoff claims that police rushed to blame Murray due to pressure from public. His statements also include that Dr. Murray did not know what Michael Jackson doing in his own time and although they do not plan to convey Michael Jackson in a bad light, the facts will have to come out. http://www.mjjcommunity.com/forum/sh...ad.php?t=89985

TMZ reports that Murray will not plead to involuntary manslaughter or any other charge (in other words he will not take a plea bargain) as he's adamant that he's innocent. However TMZ states that Murray is afraid that the medical boards can pull his licence.

TMZ reports that Dr. Murray found Michael Jackson eyes open and pupils dilated. They state this could be a possible defense strategy/evidence that Michael woke up and injected himself (and therefore his eyes were open when he died).

In a news conference Attorney General Jerry Brown announced that California Medical Board will go ahead with their own investigation and proceedings to take Murray's licence. http://www.mjjcommunity.com/forum/sh...ad.php?t=90003

Arnold Klein (long time Michael Jackson dermatologist) on twitter refutes a possible defense strategy by saying "As Michael Jackson's physician for 25 years i can assure the world he could never self-inject. He was needle phobic."

April 7, 2010

TMZ reports a strong stimulant (a combination of ephedrine, caffeine and aspirin) found in Michael Jackson's house could be the reason why he had trouble sleeping.

April 9, 2010

Murray enters into an Agreed Order of Restriction with Texas Medical Board that prohibits Murray from "using or administering any anesthetic agent that is normally administered by an anesthesiologist, including Propofol or any other heavy sedatives; or prescribing or administering any form of general sedation to a patient". The order also prohibits Dr. Murray from "supervising or delegating prescriptive authority to physician assistants and other physician extenders."

Dr. Murray is still allowed to prescribe or use pain medication, anti-anxiety medication or local or topical anesthetics, based on the order.As long as Dr. Murray does not personally administer or prescribe general anesthetic, such as Propofol, he is still allowed to be part of a medical team that provides such anesthetics.

April 13, 2010

TMZ reports that Conrad Murray hired Charles Teckham, who handles medical board cases and wrongful death lawsuits to represent him against the civil wrongful death suit that has been filed by Joe Jackson. Sources close to defense state that they expect Dr. Murray's malpractice insurance to pay for the wrongful death suit claims.

May 7, 2010

Nevada Medical Board tries to suspend Dr. Murray's medical licence saying that he lied on the renewal application about child support payments. (Renewal form asks if the applicant is paying court ordered child support on time. Murray on the form said he did but in reality he was late in paying child support). Court postponed to make a decision until they get the results of May 27 Child Support hearing. The next hearing about Murray's Neveda Medical Licence will be held at June 25th.

June 9, 2010

California Medical Board renews their motion and once again files documents last week in L.A. County Superior Court, claiming those restrictions on Dr. Murray's licence are "insufficient under the circumstances of this defendant's behavior." The Board is requesting an order that Murray, "cease and desist from the practice of medicine" until his criminal trial regarding MJ's death reaches a conclusion stating states, "It is not just his 'prescribing' practices that are in question, but his fundamental judgment and skill as a physician."

June 10, 2010

Nevada Medical Board places a restriction on Dr. Murray's licence stating that he cannot prescribe or administer any anesthetic agent normally administered by an anesthesiologist ... and that includes Propofol. Dr. Murray can continue to prescribe pain and anti-anxiety meds.

Murray's defense team files legal docs opposing the A.G.'s renewed attempt to suspend the doc's medical privileges while he awaits trial for the death of Michael Jackson.

June 14, 2010

Attorney General Brown asked Judge Pastor to revoke Dr. Murray's medical licence. Murray's defense team brought up the plane incident where Dr. Murray helped a patient, adding that there's no need to suspend his licence. Judge Pastor didn't suspend Dr. Murray's medical license refused to overturn the decision made by the last judge to hear the case Judge Pastor said "I don't have ability to revisit the actions of one of my colleagues. I do not have jurisdiction to revisit this matter. It doesn't have anything to do with how I feel or what I think. It has to do with the law and this court's ability to follow the law".

Katherine, Joe, La Toya, Tito, Jermaine and his wife and his son (Jermaine Jr) attends the hearing.

The preliminary hearing date has been set for August 23

August 23, 2010

A short hearing happens on August 23rd. The prosecutor is arguing there have been issues with witness availability. The judge sets preliminary hearing date for January 4, 2011. Also Murray is due back in court on Oct. 26 for another status hearing.

Murray's defense team reportedly asked for access to three fluids collected by the coroner's office, including ones taken from syringes and an IV tube to re-examine test results. Pastor ruled that the coroner's office must preserve the samples, and if defense attorneys and prosecutors cannot agree on the request, he will schedule a hearing on the matter.

Joe, Katherine, Rebbie and Randy attends the hearing.

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#17 DEA法庭电脑检查员STEPHEN J. MARX证词

Witness #17—Stephen J. Marx, computer forensic examiner

DDA stipulate that iPhone is the phone recovered on July 28th, 2009. All stipulate.

DDA discussed Marx’ background, employment on July 28th, 2009 Computer forensic examiner in the DEA. Now since retired. Was employed 7-8 years. responsible for extracting compter evidence and present it for evidence (at trial).

DDA Q: Conducted an examination of the iPhone?
Marx: Yes I did.

DDA Q: Familiar wit the term screen shot. As it relates to an iphone?
Marx: It will save whats been on the screen in the memory of the iPhone.

DDA Q: By what format is it saved ?
Marx: Jpeg.

DDA Q Placed somewhere specifically on the iPhone. On the phone or in space?
Marx: Both. (explains)

Unallocated space v. allocated space: allocated on a device that it is actively using, and it will recall that data. Unallocated, it has determined that it no longer needs the data that’s saved there and it can be overwritten in time.

DDA Q: Once in allocated space, as new files come in they will eventually overwrite?
Marx: (short answer yes.) It will be set up to be written by new data.

DDA Q: Did conduct analysis of this iPhone as related ot the unallocated space.
Marx: Yes.

DDA Q: Did you find some screen shots?
Marx: Yes I did.

DDA Q: In analysing thes screen shots, is there a way to determin the date at which the person looked at that particular screen shot.?
Marx: Some of them yes, some contain the date of the image.

DDA Q: Complete analysis that was done, there was a large number of screen shots discovered. Yes there was but only a limited number was to which he was able to assign a date?
Marx: That’s correct.

Showing People’s 46 through 50, showing to Defense counsel.

(Sprocket note: Darn. We won’t be able to see these exhibits.)

Defense attorney Chernoff : I have seen them and I have no objections.

DDA Q: Can you describe what’s being shown in people’s 46?
Marx: This is an expanle of what we are dicussing.
DDA Q: This reflects on this screen sot, that was most recently updated on June? July 26th?
Marx: Yes.

DDA Q: Does this reflect 7:03, am that someone was viewing this screen shot?
Marx: Yes.

DDA Q: People’s 46, focusing on June 25th, 2009 at 9:45 am, does that reflect that this person was reviewing this screen shot at that time?
Marx: Yes it does.

DDA Q: Did you also recover an e-mail?
Marx: Yes I did.

DDA Q: Where on the iPhone was that recovered?
Marx: That was in the database where the phone stores e-mail.

Part of a thread referred to as a series of communications.

DDA Q: E-mail June 25, 2009, with the greeting of Hi Conrad, with signature, Bob Taylor, of Bob Taylor’s Insurance of London. See the header there, Mr. Marx?
Marx: Yes I do.

DDA Q: Came from a sender based in London England?
Marx: Yes
DDA Q: 5:54 am, that time is that the time interpereted in Los Angeles? Based on that header as sent from UK, 5:54 a.m. in Los Angeles.

Marx: Yes, correct.

DDA Q: Reviewed contents of that e-mail?
Marx: Yes I have.

I have reviewd ...

DDA Q: … specific inquires regarding the health of MJ?

Marx: That’s correct.

DDA Q: In that e-mail, let me freeze this (image on ELMO) and a copy to the witness. The time you recovered the email from the iPhone, were the substance of the contents as displayed in People 48.
Marx: Depends on the allocation method I used to bring it up, but yes, that’s the substance.

You’re the only doctor that’s been consulted during the period, and that your records go back to 2006 when you first met Michael Jackson.

Informal questions about MJ health.

DDA Q: Were you able to confirm through your data discover—strike that.
Were you able to obtain a screen shot to determine that that e-mail was read?
Marx: Yes I was.

Peoples 50 for identification up on ELMO

DDA Q: Do you see the from Bob Taylor and to Conrad. June 25 2009, 5.54 a.m., and you can see the top half of the “Conrad.”

So this reveals to you that this screen was viewed by the possessor of that iPhone.
Marx: That’s correct.

DDA Q: Locate that there was a response to that e-mail?

People’s 49: Was this was the responsive e-mail?
Marx: Yes it is.

DDA Q: Subject is the previous/same
From Conrad (says e-mail)
Marx: Yes it is.
DDA Q: To Bob Taylor.
Marx: Yes. (Indicates its’ a reply to e-mail) Yes it is.
Sent 11:17 o8 a.m.

Marx: Yes.

DDA Q: Time in LA is 11:17 am?

Marx: Yes it is.

DDA Q: Substance of e-mail, Dear Bob signed Conrad Murray.

Marx: That autorization of release of medical records, to get insurance.

He was denied the autorization to release the medical records.

As far as the statements of his health published by the press, let me say they are all volicious to say the (illegible)??? Signed Conrad Murray.

DDA Q: Were you able to confirm that this email was sent from the iPhone.

Marx: Was able to determine that it was created on the iPhone.

Goes over the detail of these phone records and verification questions.

DDA Q: Nothing furhter.

Defense attorney Chernoff Cross.

Q: In additon to the emails we have seen today. were there were forwarded emails attached from the insurance broker
Marx: Yes there were.

Q: Did they seem to be sent back and forth regarding company officials rep MJ and AEG. Question about if the communication was with someone (I miss the name) from AEG.
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#18 应用药房所有人及药剂师Tim Lopez证词

Witness #18 Tim Lopez

DDA Q: (Ms. Brazil direct.) Through questioning, establishes Lopez’ background. Employed as a pharmacist for 15 years. Business owner of Applied Pharmacy Services, located in Las Vegas, Nevada. Describes his duties as owner; clientelle is patients that have been directed by a doctor/facility.

How is [does] your pharmacy compare to, say a corner pharmacy?
Lopez: We known as a (compounding?) medicine only.

DDA Q: They specialize.
Lopez: Yes.

DDA Q: Let’s say your pet needs a specific medication and it’s not available in a particular dose/size.

Do you deal with physicians directly to provide a particular medication their patient might need?
Lopez: Yes.

Through questioing, DDA establishes that in June (Sprocket note: year illegible, may be 2008) received a phone call from Conrad Murray. He identified himself as African American and that most of his patients were African Amercan and that some of these patients suffer from vitaliago. He was asking about bedoquin product, regarding the strength it comes in. Murray was interested in the 20% strength.

Lopez took contact number and do a search for the ability to get it.

DDA Q: That’s because you don’t stock that percentage?
Lopez: Yes.
He conducted a search from his suppliers for that product. He couldn’t find it.

Dr. Murray didn’t call me back so I didn’t follow up. Didn’t tell him that he was unable to obtain the Benoquin.

Received a call in March, 2009 from Dr. Murray. Asked if I was the same person spoken to previously. I said I was, and Murray inquired as to why he (Lopez) didn’t call back. I explained that in 2008 my pharmacy was in a move transition and that I lost phone records.

He was calling again about Benoquin 20% and it’s availablity.

Took his contact information again and checked a little more throughly. Lopez did call him back about the drug, April 21st. Told Murray he had been successful in locating a 20% solution.

I told him that I found a supplier and that if he needed more beyond that he couldn’t get it.

He told me that he would like it in packages of 30 gram tubes.

DDA Q: Will you be able to estimate for me the size of a tube you were able to obtain.

Lopez: About the length of a pen,

DDA Q: Similar to about a tube of toothpaste?
Lopez: Yes.

DDA Q: Did Dr. Murray place an order?
Lopez: Yes. He ordered 40 of the 30 gram, 20%.

DDA Q: In your practice in general, in specifically. Describe the process that you go through to ensure that the person is a physcian and allowed to order the medication.

Lopez: I go through and check if the doctor is an MD, DO, or DVM.
Get phone, DEA number, Doctor number. (Lopez explains DEA number.)

DDA Q: Did Dr. Murray provide you with all the required information?
Lopez: Yes.

DDA Q: Where did his license originate from?
Lopez: Nevada.

DDA Q: When he placed this order from you, did he specificy who is patient was?

Lopez: He said his patient was African American and that he would instruct in the dispersal of it’s use.

DDA Q: Is that common?
Lopez: When it’s used on a trial basis, that’s normal.

Dr. Murray came in and picked up his initial order.

Came up to the window, met him, shook his hand and explained that if there was anything we needed to do to change the formulation etc. He said he would pay for the order and let me know. He paid for the order via company check.

DDA Q: Is there any time that he discussed subjequent delivery?

Lopez: Yes, he asked if he could have (orders) delivered to his office.

DDA asks another question. Lopez identifies Murray.

DDA Q: Next contact he had with Dr. Murray.
Lopez: Several days after April 3rd, he came in to tell me he was happy with the cream.

DDA Q: Did he ask if you were able to provide medications for his other clinics?
Lopez: Yes. He asked about propofol and saline bags.

DDA Q: Did he asked about what strength propofol?

Lopez: He asked about the specific price of propofol that you would be able to provide and saline bags.

DDA Q: Were able to provide him with the informtaiton?

Lopez: Subsequent phone calls, I was able to give him the relevant informaiton.
After that, he placed an order for propofol and saline bags. Telephone order.

DDA Q: What was the quantity of Propofol. One carton of 100ml bottles. Ten inside the carton. And 2 specific formultions of propofol?
Lopez: Yes. One bottle of 100mil, and it was packaged in a package of 10 from supplier in a sealed carton. We deliver to his office in Las Vegas.

There are 10 individual vials, and they are sealed. That one order, contains 10 vials = 100 ml volume. Twenty milleter vial, and has 25 indiviuals vials in that pack.

DDA Q: Which is a larger size?
Lopez: The 100 mil is larger.

DDA Q: What else did he order?
Lopez: Nine saline bags. And renewed the Benoquin.
He asked us to deliver to his office in Las Vegas.

DDA Q: Did you comply with his request?
Lopez: Yes. I used a courier service.

DDA Q: Did the courier of the office call you when the delivery?
Lopez: Yes. Dr. Murray asked if part of the order could be delivered in Santa Monica.

I said it was no problem. He gave an address to the courier. Said he had a clinic in the Los Angeles facility.

DDA Q: Said he saw patients at the LA location that he wanted to have the medications sent there.
Lopez: Yes. Yes, he said they (meds) would be under his control. (Lopez verifies the address of Nicole’s apartment in Santa Monica (SM). Testimony paraphrased.)

The courier returned to the pharmacy with that location. The remainder came back to the pharmacy.

Shipped to Santa Monica per Dr. Murray’s request.

On next date, ordered 2 separate orders of propofol. Ordered 4 boxes. Each box has 10 10m.

Packaging the same manner as before. Second order on April 28th 2009; 25 individual vials.

DDA Q: Was that order to be delivered to SM address?

Lopez: Yes.

DDA Q: Another order. Prior to order, did Dr. Murray ask about lorazapam and (Sprocket note: didn’t hear clearly). Wanted inject diazapam?

Are any of those available in any other form?

Lopez: Also available in oral lorazapam.

DDA Q: Did he also placed an order for a tray, of lorazapam vials and two trays of diazapam.

Lopez: Total of 20 diazapam yes. Total of 10 of lorazapam yes.

Still verified his DEA numbers.

Murray instructed Lopez to mail these to SM and he complied with that request.

DDA Q: Did you have a conversation with Dr. Murray?
Lopez: Discussed the Benoquin cream. Wanted to know if there was a formula that was less greasy, and wanted to know if they could put it in a larger package and if it could “look better.”

DDA Q: Did Dr. M inquire about about hydroquinine? (Sprocket note: not sure what was asked)

Lopez (paraphrased): Asked about what strengths needed. Described same patient population and wanted to try that.

He inquired about energy formulations, some formulations that would give increased wakefulness. I suggested many drugs that had a side effect of alertness. He didn’t want it to be non-narcotic and as natural as possible.

He didn’t want something prescription, he wanted something over the counter. Told him it had to have something with caffeine in it, he couldn’t get away from that.

(Sprocket note: Discussed something else. I missed it.)

DDA Q: Did he say that it was he himself that was in need of some energy formulation? You gave him some ideas and that you would get back to him.

Lopez: Yes.

He said his patient was complaining of injection pain, and wanted to know if I could make a topical analgesic. He indicated he wanted a lidocaine only.

DDA Q: Does it come in a cream?
Lopez: It comes in a gel.

DDA Q: It also comes in an injectable form?
Lopez: Yes it does.

DDA Q: So some products to reduce injection site pain?
Lopez: Yes.

Telephonic order May 12th. New.

Ordered 4 boxes of propolfol 100 mil in each box.
1 box of 20ml vial 25mi
tow trays of diazlpam
lidocane 2% cream I made for him, 60 grams.

1 tray of floazinal? Used to reverse benzodaiazipines.

DDA Q: Did he want these items shipped to SM address?
Lopez: Yes.

(Paraphrasing testimony) May 14th 2009. Another phone conversation, discussing placement of an order.

Briefly dicussed Benoquin, wanted to change vehicle of what it sits in to make it less greasy and sticky on the skin. Worked on different formuatons to make that work.

(Murray said) the lidocane 2% was not strong enough.
DDA Q: What did you do.

Lopez: I made it 4%.

DDA Q: Did you prepare samples to address his concern?

Lopez: Sent him three 10 gram samples to see which one best suited his needs.
Products sent include:

4% lidocane cream 60 gram
1 Benoquine in specific base
1 Benoquin in specifc base
1 Benoquin in specific base

At the time, I was planning a trip, so I was going to the airport, I could save him on the shipping.
DDA Q: What was Dr. Murray’s response.

Lopez: He said that wasn’t necessary, just ship it FedEx to SM address.

DDA Q: Turning now to June 1st 2009 conversation. Picking up on energy request he had made some weeks prior.

Essentially 3 products available over the counter and could put them in 1 capsule. Was that agreeable to Dr. Murray?
Lopez: Yes it was.

DDA Q: Did you (combine) caffeine, aspirin and ephedrine?

Lopez: Yes. Made 30 capsules. Made that formulation.

DDA Q: Were those items included placed (in an order) later on in June.
Lopez: Yes it was.
DDA Q: Did you include these energy on a different invoice?
Lopez: I included them with the shipment.

June 10, 2009 another 1 tray of lidocaine injectable
25 ????
4 boxes of propofol 10mil (40 individual vials)
2 propofol 20 mi, total of 50 bottles
20 2 60 gram Benoquin
30? capsules of energy formulation.

DDA Q: Where shipped to?
Lopez: Santa Monica.
(paraphrasing testimony) June 15th 2009, Murray placed another order.

DDA Q: Did he comment about the energy formula?

Lopez: He was happy with the results and required about pricing.

(Through testimony, other items ordered)
1 tray lorazapam 10 lite (?)vial injectable
2 trays injectable diazapam injectable 20 vials

DDA Q: Saline bags?
Lopez: Ordered 12 normal saline bags.

DDA Q: Where were these items shipped to ?

Lopez: Santa Monica.

DDA Q: During any of these orders, did Dr. Murray ever disclose the name of any patient that the order would be used by?
Lopez: No.

DDA Q: June 25th, 2009, did you hear on the news that Michael Jackson had died?
Do you remember the last time you had a conversation with Dr. Murray?

Lopez: 23 or 24th.

It sounded like Dr. Murray was driving the car with the window down...it was very noisy it was brief conversation. Never talked to him again after that.

DDA produces an invoice. People’s 52.
Sales receipt for an order from Dr. Murray.

DDA Q: What does it reflect?

Lopez explains (paraphrasing) 66# generated by the software.
First receipt tracks his first order of the Benoquin cream.

DDA Q: Another order, another receipt. date April 6th, 2009

Lopez: Yes
DDA Q: Reflects the customer Conrad Murray?
Lopez: Yes.
(paraphrasing) Reflects first purchases for propofol.

10 vials of propofol
25 individual vials

DDA Q: (Another exhibit)
Lopez: FedEx bill shows that I sent a package to the SM address.

DDA Q: Is that the Applied Pharmacy account number with FedEx?

DDA Q: Does it reflect the shipping of propfol, in exhibit 53?

Lopez: Yes.
Verifies the misspelling on the FedEx invoice of Nicole’s last name.
Verifies the address, etc.

DDA presents next exhibit 55.
Another Applied Pharmacy receipt.
Date April 26th, 2009, Dr Murray’s next order

4 trays of propofol 100 mil
1 tray of 20 mil
shipped to CM at his request.

DDA Q: Do you recognize another receipt FedEx receipt that corresponds to the above shipment?
Lopez: Signed for looks like a P. Maria.
Verifies all the information on the FedEx receipt.

DDA produces Exhibit 57 Another Applied Pharmacy receipt?
Lopez: Yes.
DDA Q: … Or rather Invoices?
Lopez: Yes.
Dated April 30th 2009

Next exhibit FedEx tracing receipt corresponds with the above invoice, verifying the name, address, etc.

DDA produces Exhibit 59
Another Applied Pharm receipt
5/12 2009 purchase by Murray, M.D.

Receipt reflects
2 orders 100 mil and 20 mil and lorazapam, diazapam

4 individual trays of the propofol and 1 tray of the 25 (ans)

Exhibit 60 reflects FedEx shipping invoice.
Lopez verifies that it goes with the above order. Looks like it’s signed by someone named P. Mason.

Exhibit 61 APS sales receipt 5.14 2009
Subject of delivery
Lidocaine 4% cream.
DDA Q: Was also shipped to SM address?
Lopez: Yes.

Exhibit 62 reflects FedEx invoice.

Exhibit 63
DDA Q: Recognize peoples 63 as one of your sales June 10, 2009?

lists items on invoice (Sprocket note: can’t catch any of this)

Lopez: Yes.

DDA and Lopez go through several exhibits.
Fed 64 reflecting FedEx receipt corresponding with above exhibit.
Signature appears to be Nicole’s.

Exhibit 65 AP sales receipt.
Reads off contents of invoice quickly.

Exhibit 66 FedEx receipt.

Final delivered June 16th, 2009

DDA Q: How many vials of lidocaine injectiable did Dr. Murray (unintelligible)

Lopez: 25 of the 30

DDA Q: How many vials of the lorazapam

Lopez: Ten (trays?)

60 of the 2 liter of diazapam.

Propofol: smaller vials total #? 125 vials of this?

Larger? 130 vials.

Cross by defense attorney Low.

Q: Is it fair to say as a pharmisst, part of your job is to provide prescirption medicaiton to doctors?
Lopez: Yes.

Q: There are a lot of laws and rules and regs your supposed to (comply with)?

Lopez (paraphrsasing): Before you [can] be a good pharmacist, is follow the rules, is before filling a new prescription, you need to verify the validity … of the license.

Q: No one can just call up and get some medicine sent.
Lopez: That’s correct.

Q: Like a good pharmacist you did that in the case of Dr. Murray?
Lopez: Yes.
Q: And everything checked out.
Lopez: Yes.

Q: Is it true, there are not restrictions on where these meds can be sent?
Lopez: Can you repeat that?

Q: Do you not have the same laws and protocols as to where you send it?

Lopez: I just send it to where he directs.

(That question is broad.)

Q: Other than that, you have no other due dilligence?

(Sprocket note: apparently, there are no other verifications that he needs to do, prior to shipping those medicaitons. [ed. note: meaning it was okay to send medications to a private residence])

Q: Now, you can’t ship them to someone who should not have them...correct. So when you ship them you don’t have any restrictions as to only shipping that drug to a hospital do you?
Lopez: No. I just know that he’s a licensed physician. (and that he’s allowed to deliver).

Q: Asks about the first order, shipped to his clinic via Lopez’ own courier.

And the courier, Juda, said he thought Dr. Murray was one of the nicest people he had ever met?
Lopez: That’s correct.

Q: Very common, is it not, that when doctors order they don’t put the patient’s name, and that’s for privacy. Sometimes until the procedure is done, only the doctor knows who the patient might be.

At this time, Dr. Murray did not tell you who his patients were in (Santa Monica)?
Lopez: No.

Defense attorney asks questions about a patient’s privacy, and about a high-profile patient, and that there would people out there who could get this information and write their story.

Q: So, if someone was going to make sure to ensure that patient’s privacy, you wouldn’t send that to a high profile person’s house now would you?

(Objection, sustained.)

More question about high profile clients, and selling information. (Objection, sustained.)

(Sprocket note: 11:59 a.m. still going strong.)

Q: Also another doctor that you were selling propofol to?

Lopez: No.

Q: How about David ????

Lopez: No.

Q: The larger ones that held 100ml. How could you open those vials? How could you get the solution out of the vial?

Lopez: A needle.

I suppose there is another device (I miss the rest of the answer.)

That’s it no redirect.
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#19 洛杉矶县验尸官办公室资深犯罪学家JAIME LINTEMOOT证词


LA co dept of coroner’s office.

Senior criminalist.
What is a seniro criminalist.
As a crim. my job is to study science as it pertains to the law.
1. toxicologist
2. controlled substances analyist
3. 20% a field criinalist. Collect evidence from bodies.

How long empl as criminalist? About 9 years.

have received formal educaiton Yes.
She describes DS in forensic chem from Arizona
Cal State applied forensic scientistis.
Board certified in criminalistics

When was empl, 9 prior worked as an internship capacity student capacity.
May 2000 did an internship at corooner’s office. aFter ward offered a job as a student profesional worker then hired on in May 2001.

In 2001, from that point to todays date, focused primarly on a particular field.? Toxicology technician.

Since 2001, assigned in field of tox, isit fair to say you’ve condicted thousands upon thousands of tests in relaiton to tox? Yes.

Ques. related to Propofol testing.
Yes familiar wiht prop. testing.

Prior to 2005 office did not have a method to determine propofol (in the body). She did research and established a method to find propofol (in bodies).

She had to find a drug that mimic the drug standard.Do duplication studies. Had to determine recovery, many things that go into estabilshing this method.

Parallel recoveries, parallel runs, things like that. From a period of 2005 to 2008. Primary toxicologist when it comes to cases involving propofol? Yes.

Certain accreditation carried by the lab? ASCLAD certified Lab (LA Coroner) Establishes standards and ensures maintaining those standards.

Proceedures for biological testing.

Biological sample, what is the first process, what do you bieng with in you testing for that biological specimin. It depends on the test that’s being tested.

We do a lot fo (assembly line) processes.

She explains the detailed process where they go through to test for a substance.

After receive a service request, is to create a work list.
Obtains the samples. document to maintain chain of custody... etc.

Run on the equipment overnight and the next day evaluate it.

In this case, did you contuct testing as it relates to propofol items that were logged in as to trauma Gershwin. (This was the blood vials drawn at UCLA).

Preliminary screenings indicated that propofol was present. (A)

Did you do full tissue distribution test on MJ tissues (for propofol).

She obtained samples of tissues from the heart, intestines, etc. (missed rest.)

Did you do a quantification for propofol. I did quantification for propofol. and did find propofol in those various samples? Yes.

Prepared an 8 page report detailing her findings. Peoples 68.

A laboratory summary report was prepared that detailed all her findings. She specifically handled the propofol. Yes.

Wu did some the lorazopam and other criminalists did some of the other samples.

8 pages, marked People’s 67.

Summary of positive tox findings, also addmitted into evidence.

Verifies the report up on the screen is the report that was generated by the lab. Propofol testing, that the heart blood analyzed, the hospital blood analyzed, the liver, and various contents noted throughout that report.

Summary lists all the positive findings that were noted? Yes.

Goes into detail, what the columns of the report are.

Listing of all the drugs.

Levels found in propol

Heart blood 3.2
micrograms hospital


viturs .40

Shoot. I’m having trouble typing the numbers.

heart 3.2
hospital 4.1
liver 6.2

urine .15

Lytociane did specime test positive?

Dyazopam results presnet in hsoptial blood
Miss a lot of what the report

Miz orapam.162

I’m just not going to try to get it all.

ephedrine positive in urine in negative in the heart blood.

Was that the urine that was recovered from the jug as far as you know? Yes.

In additon to these positive findings, did you also test medical evidence?

Specifically, what was logged #1, a syringe and separate detached needle?

Did you test medical evidence? Is that handled differently? Yes.
could you explain briefly.

It’s just a “what is there” test. We don’t have ability to test how much was there. She tested the syringe barrel.

What were the results on medical evid #1. The syringe barrel ot have lidocaine and propofol present.

Did same type of testing on an IV kit medical evidecne #2.

Yes I did.

Did a diagram of the IV kit? Yes I did.

People’s #69. Did you draw that diagram? Yes I did.

It’s not to scale is it? No it is not.

The bag, including hte tubing and the white thumb clamp and the short tubing? Yes.

Item A shown in the top left of the diagram.
It is a diagram of the IV bag. Not attached to the rest of the system when she received for analysis.

B: syringe And depicted here with red laser pointer? Yes.

Barrel with the plunger inside of it.

C: Wide connector. Is that plastic? I don’t recall specificallaly. could you describe. Piece of long tubing, connector, and another piece of short tubing on the other side of it. short tubing proceeds to a clear tip that had a bit of red on the end of it.

Describes the rest of the item.

G. white clamp? Yes. white clamp attached to the tubing.

H. white thumb clamp. That’s correct.

IV label as an IV bag plub. It was a long sylinderal piece with a puncture o the end. typically it goes into the bag.

Did you break that down into certain components as it related to you testing? Yes. browk it down to four different areas.

Tested contents from IV bag. A.
Tested the long tubing section letter F
Syringe B
Letter D, the short tubing.

Long tubing coming from the IV plug to the entry into the white (?) did you notice any of itmes in that long tubing. I did not detect any drugs.

In the IV bag, Item A , did not detect any drugs in the IV bag.
No in the IV bag, none in the long tubing.

Syringe. Any drugis in the syrings. Yes, I did. lidocaine, propofol and proflazonil??????

D. tested for drugs, lidocaine, propofol and proflazonil...

p at screen, people’s 70, is that the medical evidnece summary report listing the medical evidence found? (What we just went over. tomazinl.

not proflaonil tomazinl.

Cross by flanagan.

Who asked you to do analysis on the blood? Typically, the coroner and (also?) from the scene investigator.

FEmoral blood, you didn’t test for anything that what appears up there?
I only tested the propofol.

So, it was only tested for lidocaine, toraziml and propol? (Yes.)
Can you see those numbers up there? Not clearly.

The number for the lidocaine is what? on exhibit .84 pr milileter.

There’s a relationship there of 1 part lidocaine per propofol....”Based on numbers alone.)

Am I wrong, it’s not about 3 to 1. It is about 3 to 1.

Asks about nanograms. 1,000 nanogram per milligram (???)

Testing is usually done in therapeutic doses.

What is the theropetuic rnage for the lorazapam? Loraapam is not (her testing services) so she does not know.

going onto the heart blood.

Heart blood 3.2 propofol? Yes.
Why is it different from the femoral blood?
obj calls for sepculation.

JP question.

It is not uncommon for us to have different numbers from femoral blood and heart blood. If going overall level, will rely on femoral blood (vs heart blood).

Femoral blood and lidocaine 3 to one and heart 4 .5 to one.

She goes over the numbers.

So that’s about 4.5 to one. That’s aobut right.

So why is the femoral blood (different ration than) heart.

They’re different drugs, their different from dif locations... miss rest?

You would have to ask the doctor as to who collected that sample.

Was wondering why, they would be in different ratios.

One of the things in toxicology is portmortem distribution. Drugs can leach out and g into different tissues.

Where is the heart blood taken from? I don’t know.

Heart blood is 4.1 and the lidocaine is 5.1 That is correct.

Femoral blood 3 to 1 and heart at 4.5 to one and hospital blood at 8 to 1.
That’s correct.

And those are all measured in micrograms per millieter. That’s correct.

Millieter is that a volumetric measurement. Yes.

Now onto the liver.

6.2 micrograms per grams and done that way because it’s a tissue and it’s done per weight. that’s correct.

The liver is volumetric per weight in the liver.

May I explain. To analyze the liver, we have to turn the liver into a liquid. And then homogenize it. We have to weigh it before we transform it.

Liver in relationship propofol about 13 to 1? About 12 to 1.

Now i nthe vitrious, you’ve got down here that it was less than, 0.40. why use that number? For my original analysis. There was a very small volume for the vitrious. In this case, there was a lot less sample to begin. four times less than what I would normally begin with.

It was reported as present, but I couldn’t give it an exact spec number.

At somewhere between .02 and a point .40. For my limit of quanitation, I can go to 1.0 since my original sample was about 1/4, I divided.

Now goes onto the urine contents.

The urine at the scene, did yo usee that? No.
The urine you’ve got there is .15. Is that from the body?
The lidocaine you have there is present.
Did you get that from the???

The lidocaine has nothing to do with the propofol.

I’m not sure what the analysit did on that.

Gastric contents.

You analzied the propofol in gastric contents? Yes, that is correct.

Noticed that the autopsy report says that the stomach is not extended and takes 70 grams of dark fluid.

Did you analyise that for propofol ? Yes.
(Ans That’s not correct.)

It was 0.13 milligrams.

So, how do you make that determination. We weight ou t the total sample and then factor that into our calculations. (I don’t understand that at all.)

there was .13 of the 70 grams of propofol.

I don’t remember exactly what the contents looked like.
I was not the analysist who did the initial contents looked like. but they would have looked for pills, etc.

I’m just kinda wondering what that dark fluid looked like other than having 1.3 milligrams, and some of lidocaine, and we’ve got another 60 plus of either food or lidocaine.

Could it have been food? could it have been juice?
Objection sustained.

12 parts of lydocaine to 1 part propoofol. Ans In the stomach? Q yes. A about 12 to 1.

Ramblin question about all the different ratios of everything but for the first time there is a preponderance of lydocaine over propofol. Correct? Yes.

Also analyzed also medical evidence 1...and medical evidence 1 that is what has been referred to as the “broken syringe” But it’s what has been referred to by ms Fleez as “broken.”

She agrees that it appears to have been taken apart.

She testified that only the plunger side was analyzd.

What about the needle side ? No.

But the needle did fit the barrel? I did appempt to ut them together.

They were delivered ot me in the same bag, but they were not together.
Think you said you tested found propofol and lidocaine in that barrel.

Never tested ratio. She did not test.

Could be vastly different, you just don’t know. That’s correct.

Medical evidence 2, you analyzed htat alos? That’s correct.

As to Medical evid 2, that is basically this drawing isn’t it?

I analyzed components of that drawing, yes.

The drawing exib 69 the summary report 70.

Anything that was analyzed in that drawing was on the summary.

Goes over the four items.
A - IV bag. What did it have in it?

I didn’t find any drugs. Was there something in it? Yes. But she doesn’t know what it is.

Did it say it was a saline bag? I don’t recall.

Analyzed the tub that comes from the IV bag, all the way down to the injection port. correct?

I analzyed all the flud from the plug site, to the connector.

And ther were no drugs what so fever. That is correct.

Based on your analysis, there were no drugs, coming out of that bag?
Objecton vague, speculation. sustained.

Did you di the same analysis on that tube that you did on the D tube?

The D tube had drugs in it. Yes.

The D tube had lidocol propofol and flazaxidal.

You can’t analyzefor flazadnil in a blood sample? We don’t have an extraction method. (futher explaination).

So you can’t test for flazadnil in the body? We don’t have a method for it.

Don’t know how muc was in the tube? No.

Quesiton calls for speclation (hints of propofol and lydocaine?

Was there a hint of propofol and lydocaine in that tube? They were present?

Were they in the same ratios. I can’t say. I wasn’t trying to find out how much drugs were there.

flanagan thinks speculation is relevant. but JP sustains the objection.

“I can’t say how much was there.”

Now B up there, that was the syringe. Yes. It hasn’t been uscrewed or manipulated? Objection systained. objection sustained. objection sustained.


Fully intact syringe & plunger at B. How much did that have in it? I don’t recally off the top of my head. Summary rpeot indicated 1.7 grams? That’s is correct.

Lower tubing B marazipil, lidocaine and propofol.

I’m so confused now.

Question about quantities in syringe D were the same.

I did not do a quanative in the tube or the syringe. Qualitative they were the same? Correct.

Did you analyize any other physical evidence for propofol?


Specifically referring to, were you asked to analyze any juice containers for propofol? No.

2:25 p.m. I’m starting to get sleepy again.

Goes over what she did qualtative vs quantititively.
Explains the detail again as to what she did quantitative vs qualtative.

Nothing further at this time. But then asks for a moment.

Nothing further. No redirect.
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#20 6/27审问莫里的洛杉矶警察Orlando Martinez证词

#20 that’s Orlando Martinez

Work city of LA robbery homicide.

What do you homicidd section investigate deaths.

16 years. Since May of 2005

One of lead investgating officers?

Did work with Dan Myers and Scott Smith? Yes I did.
June 25th 2009,

Were you assined and workin on this case? yes.
Did you make efforts to make contact with the defendant in this case? I did

Was able to make contact on June 29th?

At somepoint on June 26th, made contact with Michael Penia?

Made arrangements to sit down and meet with the defendant,

Evening hours late afternoon? Afternoon.

Met with Mr. Pena on June 27th n a hotel.
Who went with you to location. Scott Smith.

Who was with him? Chernoff and Dr. Murray.

So, on the 27th not 29th (my note)

Mr. Penna and Chernoff, him and Det smith.

Inside a board room at hote.

Ws this interview recoreded ? Yes.

Did you begin you or det smith asking him about how he began his reationship with M. Jackson.

He said he first met MJ in 2006 through a patient’s son.

Referred becaue he was a cardiologist or as a dr in general? Just as a doctor in general. treated MJ children and MJ for flu in Las Vegas.

From that initial meeting to 2006 to the current interview, did you question Dr. M about his care preceeding the months 2009.

Dr. Murry said he received a phone call from Michael Amir williams requesting to treat him for the tour.
did Dr M tell you that MJ wanted him to accompany him on this London tour? Yes.

Did he give you more details or words to that effect? Yes.

According to Dr M, after this initial phone call from MAW, (answer) he said htat Mr. Jackson called him and was elated happy that he was going on the tour.

Did you question him on the treatment at MJ home. Dr. Murry said that for a little over 2 months been teating him, assisting him to sleep, He said nightly and he also said six days a week.

Different parts of the interview he said those two answers.

How did he say he was assisting . He would assist Mr. Jackson with 50 milligrams of propofol. An injection to get him to sleep and with an IV drip to keep him under.

Initial infusion followed by a drip? objection sustained.

You mentioned 50 milligrams, did he say that was 50 milligrams every night?

That was the maximum.

Did he say that was the total or the amount of one dose. ??? I don’t think I he specifically noted.

He told me it was a dosage, to put him under and then a speficic drip.

Throught this interview again, were both mr chernoff and Mr. pena present, at varous points in the inteview, did Dr. Murry ever tell you about a dependnecy issues that MJ had?

Yes he did. Did he reference that on more than one occasion in the interview ? yes he did.

Q... did Dr. Murry explain those last remaining evenings ? Yes.

What did he tell you. ? He felt that Mr. Jackson had developed a dependency on the propofol. So he decided to try to wean him off, and introduce other agents.

In describing these evenings, last couple days, did he tell you he’d been giving MJ propofol every single night for over 2 months? Yes.

Now, in these last three days then, according to Dr. Mthat he was attempting to wean M J off the propofol what did he do?

He lowered the amount of propofol and administered the other two drugs.

lorazapam and the midazalam.

How aout the following night, the second night of attempting to wean him off. He did not use any propofol and just jused the lorazapam and midazalam.

On that day June 25th, did he respond to the Carolwood residence? yes he did. He arrived around 12:50 am.

Who arrived first? according to Dr. M. ? Dr. M.

What did he do upon arrival.
he went to the room where he always treated Mr. J and waited. And that is the room the paramedics testified they found the decedent? Correct.

Did Dr. M. indicate what time MJ arrive.d He said MJ arrived around 1 am.

And what happened at that point. That MJ arrived upstiars, they had a brief discussion as to what went on that night and that MJ had a shower and changed.

Dr. M rubbed some skin lotion on MJ back. For a dermological conditon? Yes.

Did he begin using an IV. Yes. For what purpose? In either his right or left leg below the knee.

Was anyone else in the room? We asked that question ahd he always said no.

Placing the IV for hydration, did he describe what drugs he gave MJ?
What is the first thing that MJ was given.
2 pm 2 mil lorazapam diluted with saline. he siad he pushed it slowly.

Did he mention anythng about valium orally? 10 mg orally was that the first thing? Yes.

Then 2 am? 2 mil lorazapam with saline pushed it over hte course of 2 to 3 minutes.

He indicated this was done with a syringe? Yes.

Directly into a arm or leg or using the IV port? Using the IV Port.

This was slowy pushed using the syrings over 2 minutes accord to Dr M. ? correct.

Following this valium and the 2 am slow push of lorazapam, what occured next.

MJ remained awake for another hour, the n Dr. M. introduced 2 mg of diazopam (same method).

This was around 3 am.

Did he indicate he took the time to look at his watch?

So at 3 am, he gave 2 mil dizdo also injected slowly? Yes.

And according to Dr. M, did he fall asleeP/

He said that around 3:20 he fell asleep for 10 to 12 minutes.

Was it at that point where dr M said he had been looking at his watch? Correct.

And after following this 10 12 minutes Mr J woke again.

Dr m M turned down the lights turned on the music, and suggested that MR J meditate.

He then said, that MJ would have to cancel his shows, cancel his reherasals becuse he couldn’t slee.

Then dr murray gave him some moe drugs. Mirazapam. then.

It did not put MJ to sleep.

Asks to look at his notes to refresh his recollection.

Asking about following 5 am 2 miligrams of lorazapam.

Mr. J began to complain som more, about cancellations.

7L30 am. he indicates he game more drugs to MJ Yes.

Accoring to Dr. M, MJ is stil awake. Mr. J is complaining that he is still awake and pressure is being placed on him (about the cancellations)

What did he do at 7L30 he gave another 2 milligrams of diazopam.

It did not have any effect according to Dr. M.

10 am June 25th 2009, acc to Dr. M. what is happening.

MJ was still awake, and was asking for “milk” which was his name for propofol.

around 1040 or 1050, did he give propofol (acc to Dr. ) ? yes.

Did he look at his watch, Yes.
Acc to dr murray he had to look at his watch, to calculate (miss last)

He said he halfed his normal dose, gave him only 25 milligrams over 25 mnutes.

It was simply an injecton to put Mr. J asleep, and then a slow drip to keep him asleep.

According to the time the propofol was given, Dr. M was looking at the time, looking at his watch, did Mr. J. fall asleep? Yes.?

Did he indicate that was around 11 am? Yes.

What did Dr. murr do, after he fell asleep?

He said that he monitored him for a while. He was not snoring, and monitored him until he felt comfortable with Mr. J condition.

After did he indicate how long he monitored him after that (time? condition?)?

After he saw him fall asleep around 11 am, at some point did he say he felt comfortable leaving thepatient? Yes he did.

Did he tell you what he went to go do?

He went to relieve himself in the restorom.

DId he tell you what restroom he used? He did.

Identifies the restroom he used via photo.
The bathroom he used is depicted in People’s 9 (I think in MJ bathroom?)

From the bedroom, where MJ was, on peoples nine from left to right, is this the large room referred to as thecloset? Yes.
So one would have to walk throught the corridor between the bedroom and closet and then enter the bathroom? correct.

How long did Dr M sya he was gone ? Dr. M said he was gone approximately 2 minutes.

Transcript page 63. As you sit here today do you recall the exact words of Dr. Murray.


would it referesh your memory to look at the transcript?

Page 63, line 22. Is that referencing, dr M speaking?

Objecton sustained. about referencing room 2 minutes.


After Dr. Murrya after he returned from his 2 minute absence. He says that he was stunned to see that Mr. J was not breathing, because he was looing for breathing motions.

Please look at transcript pg 62 line 22...
What did he say?

He was stunned to see that he wasn’t breathing, because he always looked at his chest and his diaphramatic motion.

What was the first thing he said he did, once he noticed MJ was not breating?

He started chest compressions.
And according to dr. Murray, what else did he do?

Mouth to mouth.

And accornidn to Dr. M, where was Mr. J. ? He was still in bed.

Did he switch back to checst compressions.
He described that he had one hand under his back suppoting his back. and the other hand on top of his chest.

Did he explain why he didn’t move MJ to the floor?

He said he could not move him to the floor by himself.

6 ft 5” 22o pounds

How much did jackson weigh?

obj sustained.

At this point in time, in the interview, did Dr. M offer a reason why he did not call the 911 operator. He said he was carrying for his patien and did want to interrupt it.

However, he did say he

Did he tell you afterward, he did take time to make a phone call. ? Yes.

Just prior to making this phone call, did he tell you he was holding thephone and making 1 handed chest compressions.

He said he called Mr. Williams to call security, and to send them right away.

Did h say why he din’t ask them to911 right away, because the would ask what this was about and (this would nterfere with is care???)

Then he injected MJ with tomazapil. .2 mil (he gave)

At some point, did he leave the room and go out on the landing area.
He left the patient to go go to the landing and went down to the chef, said to the chef, I have an emergency send security up.

Did at somepoint did Dr. M acknowledge the entrance of Mr. Alvarez to the room?

Yes, MJ was still on the bed.

And according to Dr M, at somepoint he asked Mr alverez to call 911, Yes
And at some point did the paramedice arrive? yes.

Now, dring this inteview, how long did the interview last? about 1/2 hour

How many pages of transcrpt do you have? onehundred 30..

could it have been longer? Can I refresh my memory?

Does it reflect a start and end time? Yes it does.

He looks at transcript.

Acording to the times say in the microphone., it would be 20 minutes.

Inteview beginning 4:02. He thinks he may have misstated the time.

During this interview, Did Dr. M indicate he said he used during the juen of 6 25. He said at the most 3.

At some point did you being questioning Dr. M where his equipment or drugs were located? yes.

Did you ahve him describe various bags he used in treating MJ?

As him where the bags were located Yes.

Did he seem surprised to you? Yes.

did he seem to think you had already recovered those bags?

Yes he did.

did he then tell you where tey were located? Yes.

Describes the cubby in the closet. (cabinetry)

Is that were the three various bags and ziplock baggies were located? yes it is.

At any point during this inteview did he indicate that he used lidocaine as quote and quote antiburn when using propofol? Yes.

Did he tell you any proportion, or did he say he just diluted it with lidocaine? He said he just diluted it.

Did you ask for medical records? Yes.

Did he ever provide medical records for his care of MJ at 100 Carolwood?

Objection. sustained

Walgren: May we approach your honor?

Bench confenrence.

have you ever seen, medical records of Dr. Murray in the care of MJ at the carolowood residence? No

did he ever say he made phone calls during the care of MJ /No he did not
did he ever say he sent and received text messages while caring for MJ?
No he did not

At some point, did Dr. M indicate reference that he had requested an autopsy be performed? Yes.

Did you follow up with richelle cooper, She said that she would not and did not ask Dr. M to sign a death certificate and that was her call.


Chernoff. You left out a lot in your dicussion.

In fact the conversation was about 2 hours and 30 minutes.

The time on the transcrpt said 20 minutes. I didnot note the correct start and end time.
Well, I was there with you and it seemed a lot longer for me.

Did you read the transcript. Yes I did.
It was hopefully ver batim? Yes.
It was put together by internal affaris? Yes.

Did you read that before testifying today ?

I did.

We will get into the specifics.

Lets talke about how all this all transpired.

You said that Dr. Pena called.

On thursday and on friday, he texted Dr. Murry and finally got a call back.

hypothetical that he arrived at hospital at 4 pm. did you know that dr. Murray was still there?

He first talked to to ? and ? and they couldn’t find them at that time.

You do know that Dr. M made a statement there at the hospital (vershinko and binky) ???/ what? that he had given MJ a sedative.

That he told htem at that time at the hospitll Porche and Binky? Did they tell you that he had made a statement? They were not there to take a statement.

He left a voice (and text?) with dr. M.

Found out that Dr. M. was in housto Tx. That he has an officei n Houston, Tx.

Then he told you that right?
Do you remember him saying that we should meet at 2 pm? We said 2, but you moved it to 4 pm. Do you remember that?

Prior to interviewing Dr. M you and scott smith had been doing some investigation. Is that correct? yes.

You had already spoken to faheem
You had already spoken to alvarez.

You had seen syringes and knew about bottles, and scott smith had attended the autopsy, correct? Yes.

You had spken to rosylin mohamend the nanny, yes.

You had spoken to paramedics, doctors?

I think I had spoken to the head nurse.
You do recall speaking to the housekeepers. Yes.

And you had all that info before speaking to Dr. M.

It was your interview? correc.t

Dr. M didn’t refuse to answer anyquestions did he?

In fact, I asked you, is that all you wanted to talk about? is that right?


You choose the questions you wanted to talk about. correct.

You said that Dr. M. didn’t mention any phone calls .

Othe rthan Michael Amir.

You didn’t ask anything about phone calls or emails. You subpoeneaded phone records a week later?

So you’re not suggesting that Dr. Mr lied, you jsut didn’t aks him.

I didn’t ask him.

Now asking about the autopsy . ...
You told Dr. Murray tha YOu ahd heard that he had requested an autopsy.

You have no reason to believe that Dr. Murray didn’t ask for an autopsy.

According to Dr. cooper, he did not.

But not according to other sources...?
but the other source was dr. Murray.

Detecives Porche and Binky, said he requested an autopsy, but that info came from Dr. Murray, not other sources. (ans)

Lets talk about the days preceeding June 25th, lets talk about the months preceeding.

Now talking about the offering a job on the THIS IS IT tour.
do you recall that Dr. Murray told you about a period of time and that MJ called Dr. M in order to obtain a Doctor that would provide MJ with propofol, Dr. David Adams. That other doctor was david adams.

Offered both the job? ??? Dr. Adams had given propofol?

You have implied in front of the job, Dr. M was hired to give propofol.

JP tone it down please.

Dr. M said, he did not sign up for this. Isn’t that what Dr. M told you.

I’m just answering the question.s Well, now you’re answering mine. (EC)

You do recall Dr. M was worried aobut MJ use of this propofol. yes.
And you do recall Dr. M saying he needed to find a way to get him off of this. ? Yes.

he said that he first started to give MJ propofol, becuase he was worried about this tour and he could sleep and that MJ convinced Dr. M to give him this propofol.

I don’t remember the word convinced.
He had a nickname for lidocaine. He called it his anti-burn. And Dr. David Adams said he called it that too.
And he called it his “milk.”

And Dr. M said that MJ knew all about propofol? Yes, that’s what he said.

This interview happened 2 days after his death. Yes.

Dr. Murray told you MJ often asked if he could push in the propofol himself.

DW: page reference please?

page 44 transcript.

Does that refresh your recollection, Yes.
Dr M told you that MJ told Dr. J that he wanted to push the medication in himself. but Dr. M told you that he wouldnt’ let MJ do that.


Dr. Murray told you that he was trying to wean MJ off of the drug. Yes.

And that he gave him 1/2 his amount. On the last day.

But that’s not the first time, that he had given him 1/2 the amount.

He told ou that three days prior, he gave MJ 1/2 that amount.

I recall him saying that he gave him a lesser amt, I don’t recall him saying he gave him 25 mg.
And he said that on the day before, he said taht Dr. Murray gave him no propofol? I don’t recall this.

And that the next day, that Dr. M was going to try this again. Was going to try to wean him off of propofol, and he told him of the other drugs he gave MJ. Yes.

Which you now know that he gave MJ. that’s what he told me.

And that MJ said. It’s 3 days out from my tour. I have to get some sleep.

Is that what Dr. Murray told you?

And Dr. Murray NEVER told you, that he never gave MJ a drip, on the 25th.

I need a page number (ans). Page 62, quesiton line 15 through 17...

What he told you there, was the prior .

He told you that normally. “I don’t see the word normally.”

That’s you testimony today? that Dr. M told you he gave MJ a drip on June 25th?

yes, that’s my understanding.

In this cronology, when was this created? I created this to give to the dept. coroner, as to when Dr. Murray stated he gave the specific drugs and the amount.

Do you mremeber conversations of witnessed arrest was? Not the definition no I don’t recall that.

I remembe dr murry saying that he said it had just happened. And ..
Def question I miss

page reference please...(DW)

Page 74 (EC)

Looks like we’re going to 4:15 pm.

He says that he witnessed in regards that he had not been gone long from the bed, and not that he witnessed it occur. Correct.

EC asks for a moment.

You were aware are you that the coroner why you were doing investigation, the coroner was doing their own investigation.? (??)
They were talking to witness and so were you.

Did you have an occasion to talk to any doctors or did you. obj sustained.

Heres my question. Did you take the information abut Dr. M past information about past drug use. Obj beyond the scope.

The skin lotion that you found was that benoquin?

the Iv for hydration, he also said what he gave you was saline? Yes.

You said you aksed hte dr if there were any medical bags at the residence.
You went back to the residence? Yes.

to look for these items

And you found these items in exactly this place that dr M said that you would find them. correct.

pass, hold on. One second.
that’s it.


Mr. chernoff asked about this incident in March 2009, relayed about Dr. Mark burg via Dr. Adams, supposedly MJ was given propofol,

In whos office was MJ was given propofol? Dr. Murray’s.

And that’s because in his office he had a crash cart. and oxygen there at his office? (Other iem.. puls oxyometer? ) at the office? Yes.
RECROSS chernoff? No.
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证人7:急救人员2MARTIN BLAUNT证词




当他第一眼看到病人时,他(病人)不是在地上,而是在床上。识别证人。他认定那人(hiself?)是私人医生(这句也许不准确,请方家指点)。 默里医生就是打开房门并请求帮助的人。他注意到默里医生满头大汗。澄清,当他走进房间时,病人是在地板上的。证明,他发现在房间里有个静脉输液支架。病人被转移到了房间里一个更好的地方。



我看到了氧气筒。氧气罐。还有别的吗?心脏监测器?没有,先生。你有没有看到一个鼻导管?是的,这是条通到鼻子处的管子并连接在一个氧气罐上。没有看到任何其他类型的医疗设备。主要的任务是让空气进去并让病人明白(气管内管下到喉咙)他将如何做。病人的头就在他的膝盖处。他得以迅速地安置和插入ET喉管。一旦喉管到位,病人就会得到空气。这是一个手泵装置。其他急救人员在给予胸部按压,等等。(注:endo trachial ET tube疑为endotracheal (ET) tube的笔误)

注意到静脉输液操作不正确,因此他们在双臂上寻找插入静脉输液(针头)的部位。 “对我来说,杰克逊的皮肤温度很凉。”










你还记得你是哪天告诉侦查人员病人的皮肤很凉吗? (证人不记得)很明显,他刚才说的是,病人的皮肤“不暖”,而不是“很凉”。







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Conrad Murray Preliminary Hearing Summary Day 5 January 10, 2011

- First order of business-Judge Pastor & attorneys discuss evidentiary matters regarding info taken from Dr. Murray's iPhone. A prosecutor said he intended to use some of the information, which was disclosed to attorneys handling the case late last week, when he calls his first witness of the day. Chernoff (Murray's attorney) voices concern about attorney-client privilege. The phone contains a few short voicemails and 12 screenshots. After a 45-min delay, Judge Pastor says 'some info on files are privileged... but a significant number of materials are not.' Judge Pastor allows Murray's iPhone admissible as evidence. A new file was made and given to prosecutors. A 15-minute recess was granted for new items to be reviewed.

Stephen Marx Testimony

- Marx is a computer forensic examiner in the DEA who examined the iPhone.

- He testifies about emails sent on June 25th between Murray and Bob Taylor, of Bob Taylor’s Insurance of London.*

- Bob Taylor sends Murray an email at 5:54 am LA time. The email was about specific inquires regarding the health of MJ. Murray responds to it at LA Time 11:27AM. The response content is about autorization of release of medical records, to get insurance.*

- The e-mail is confirming Murray was the only doctor Jackson consulted during a 3-year period & asks about press reports re: Jackson’s health. London insurance broker handling a policy for Jackson's TII concerts asked Murray on the morning of June 25th to address press reports that Jackson was in poor health.

- Murray responds: 'as far as the statements of his health published by the press...they’re all felicitous, to the best of my knowledge.'

- There were also forwarded emails attached from the insurance broker , they were sent back and forth regarding company officials representatives MJ and AEG

Tim Lopez Testimony*

- Tim Lopez is the owner of Applied Pharmacy Services and a pharmacist for 15 years.*

- Lopez says in Nov. '08, Murray called him to get a cream to treat vitiligo. However, the cream wasn't available to Lopez. Lopez lost contact with Murray & heard from him again in March '09.

- Murray calls him in March, 2009 about benoquin 20% (cream for vitiligo) and it’s availability. Pharmacy finds a supplier. Murray ordered 40 of the 30 gram, 20%. Murray tells the pharmacy that his patient was African American and that he would instruct in the dispersal of it’s use.*

- Later Murray asks about propofol and saline bags. Pharmacy provides the information Murray requests and Murray placed an order.

- April 6: Murray placed an order for 1 carton of 100 milliliter vials and 1 carton of 20 milliliter vials of Propofol & 9 saline bags.He also duplicated his order of Benoquin, the cream used to treat vitiligo and asked that his order be shipped to his office in Vegas.

- Murray then changed his mind on the shipping location and asked that the shipment be sent to the address of Nicole Alvarez. Lopez said Murray never mentioned MJ was his only patient at the time and instead led him to believe all the vials of propofol he requested were being used for patients at a Los Angeles clinic.

- Lopez testifies between the months of April & June, Murray called his pharmacy at least 7 times to place specific orders on different drugs. Some ordered drugs were lorazepam, midazolam, propofol & flumazenil. Murray requested that each order be sent to the Santa Monica address.

- Lopez said that when he volunteered to personally deliver an order during a trip to Los Angeles, Murray told him not to. “He said just Fed Ex it the way we normally do,” Lopez recalled.

- April 28 -- 4 boxes and each of the boxes had 10 100ml vials. Later that month, Murray ordered 20 vials of midazolan and 20 vials of lorazepam.

- On May 12, Murray ordered 4 boxes of Propofol, along with 2 trays of midazolan.

- On June 10, Murray ordered 4 boxes of Propofol, and 2 20ml Propofol.

- Overall: Murray ordered 255 vials of Propofol in the two months -- including 130 vials of Propofol in 100ml doses and another 125 vials of Propofol in 20ml vials.

- Murray also asks about benoquin cream if there was a formula that was less greasy.*

- Under questioning by a prosecutor, the pharmacist said Murray asked several times for advice on what the doctor might take to boost his energy and “wakefulness.” He wants it to be non-narcotic and as natural as possible. He wants something over the counter (not prescription). Pharmacy makes the energy formulation by putting 3 products available over the counter putting them in 1 capsule. They added caffeine, asprin and ephedrine and made 30 capsules with that formulation.*

- Murray says his patient were complaining of injection pain and asked if the pharmacy could make a topical analgesic. He indicated he wanted a lidocaine only.

Jaime Lintemoot Testimony

- Lintemoot is a senior criminalist at the LA County Coroner’s Office and the primary toxicologist when it comes to cases involving propofol.

- From the blood taken in UCLA they determined propofol was present and later they did tissue tests. Lintemoot mentions levels of propofol found by the tests.

- Murray's attorney, Flanagan, asked about the 70 grams of fluid found in MJ's stomach (that tested positive for traces of Propofol). Flanagan noted the presence of a juice box on MJ's nightstand ... and asked if it had been tested for Propofol ... raising the possibility that MJ was drinking on the anesthetic shortly before he died. The criminalist testified he had not tested the juice box.*

Orlando Martinez Testimony

- Martinez is LA Robbery Homicide detective with 16 years experience. He investigates deaths.*

- Martinez testifies that he began trying to contact Murray on 6/25, but was unable to. Martinez was contacted by Murray's attorney on 6/26.Martinez and Murray's attorney, Michael Pena, made arraignments for Murray to meet Martinez on 6/27 at a hotel in Marina Del Rey.

- Murray says he first met MJ in 2006 through a patient's son and later treated MJ and his kids for flu in Las Vegas.*

- Murray tells the detectives that he received a call from Michael Amir Williams saying that MJ wanted him as his doctor for the tour.

- Murray tells the detectives for a little over 2 months he has been treating MJ, assisting him to sleep six nights a week.*

- Murray said he would inject Jackson with 50 milligrams of Propofol...and then a drip infusion to keep him under . Martinez testifies that Murray told him that 50 milligrams was the most he would give Jackson.

- Martinez says Dr. Murray expressed a concern about Jackson developing a dependency on Propofol. Murray felt MJ developed a dependency on Propofol, so with MJ's permission he decided to wean him off Propofol and use some other agents. Martinez: Murray said he lowered the amount of propofol that he usually gave MJ, and he introduced midazolam & lorazepam, to help MJ sleep.

- What happened after MJ came home from rehearsal : MJ arrived upstairs to the room, they had a brief discussion as to what went on that night and that MJ had a shower and changed. Murray rubbed some skin lotion on MJ back for a dermological condition

- Murray says IV was either on MJ's right or left leg below the knee.

-- Murray's timeline and version of events

2AM : 10 mg valium orally. 2 mil lorazapam with saline pushed slowly 2 to 3 minutes.Done with a syringe using the IV port

3AM : 2 mg of diazopam same method

3:20AM : MJ fells asleep for 10-12 minutes then wakes up.

Murray says he turned down the lights turned on the music, and suggested that MJ to meditate. "Mr. Jackson began to complain to him that he couldn't sleep and that he would have to cancel his rehearsals and cancel his shows," Los Angeles police detective Orlando Martinez testifies.

Murray gives more Mirazapam - no effect

5AM : 2 miligrams of lorazapam - no effect. MJ complains again about cancellations.*

7:30AM : MJ still up, complains about the pressure on him for cancelling rehearsals. Murray gives another 2 milligrams of diazopam.- no effect

10AM: MJ asks for his "milk" - propofol

Martinez says Murray described himself as "pressured" into administering propofol despite his concerns that MJ had become addicted as he prepared TII.

10:20-10:40 : Murray gives propofol. 25 mg over some time.*

11AM : MJ falls asleep. Murray watches MJ for a while when he feels comfortable with MJ's situation he goes to the bathroom for 2 minutes.

He comes back after 2 minutes and stunned to see that MJ wasn’t breathing, because he always looked at his chest and his diaphramatic motion.

Murray starts chest compressions. - one hand under supporting MJ's back and the other hand on top of his chest. He says he also did mouth to mouth.

Murray says he couldn't get MJ to the floor on his own. Here Murray's explanation why he was giving MJ CPR on a soft bed rather than moving*
---"Dr. Murray said he could not move him to the floor by himself," the witness said.
--- Deputy District Attorney David Walgren pointed out that Murray is 6 feet 5 inches and weighs about 225 pounds and MJ weighed about 136 pounds when he died.

Murray says he was caring for MJ and didn't want to interrupt it and that's why he didn't call 911. Here is Murray's explanation for not calling for an ambulance immediately:

---"He said he was caring for his patient and did not want to neglect him," Martinez said.
---"Did he indicate that calling for a 911 operator would be neglecting him?" asked Deputy Dist. Atty. David Walgren.
--- "Yes," the detective said.

Murray injected MJ with tomazapil. .2 mil

- During this process he called Michael Amir Williams - while holding the cell phone one hand, giving chest compressions with other. Murray also left the room to the landing to call out to Kai Chase.

- Murray doesn't tell the detectives that he was making phone calls and sending text messages when he was supposed to care for MJ. Murray only mentions the call he made to Michael Amir Williams.

-Chernoff on cross: Murray's attorney Ed Chernoff asked Martinez if Murray had spoken of Jackson asking to self-administer propofol. He answered yes.

--- "Mr. Jackson knew all about propofol before Dr. Murray came on the scene?" asked Chernoff.
--- "Yes," said Martinez.
--- The detective was asked if Jackson had sought to "push the propofol" himself and he said that was correct.
--- "Michael Jackson told Dr. Murray he liked to push it in himself and other doctors let him do that?" Chernoff asked.
--- "Yes," sad the witness.
--- "And Dr. Murray said he wouldn't let him do that?" Chernoff asked.
--- "Correct," answered the witness.
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#21 洛杉矶县验尸官办公室法医Christopher Rogers 证词

#21 Christopher Rogers

Witness instruction.

Emoloyed LA Co coroner. position. Chief forensic medicine. Supervise doctors who work at coroner’s office, and occasionally do autopsies himself. Employed since 1988 as a forensic pathologist. Explains that job.

He determine the cause and manner of death in coroner’s cases and write reports.

Lists educational background.

How many autopsies have you performed or been invoved in?
I would estimate thousands.

Describes autopsy and purpose.
To determine cause and manner of death.

Did you perform the autopsy in this particular case in case? Yes. On June 26, 2009


Autopsy did show incedential findings however his overall health was excellent.

Prostate issue; vitillago, polop of the colon, inflammation and scaring of his lungs, and also had some arthritis of the spine.

He was 5’ 9” and 136 pounds.

What is BMI? Stands for body mass index. Often used to estimate if the person was in the normal weight range.

Was he a thin individual? Yes.
I thought his BMI was 20.1.
Where does that fall? That’s normal weight.

He did not have any abnormalities of the heart and he did not have any artherclerosis.

The vitality of his heart? He did not have any cardiac disease.

Did you observe and trauma or any natural disease that would have caused his death? No.

As part of your investigation as a medical dr in determining the cause of death, did you consider sources other than the observations of the body? Yes.

Did you review the transcript of Dr. M interview ? Yes.
Did you consult outside sources? Yes.
Did you review the toxicology reports of MJ time of death? Y

Based on your investigation, did you also seek out medical records of MJ in the months preceeding his death?

Did you or were you provided any medical records by Dr. M during this time of April May June 2009? No.

Based on phys autopsy and other resources you relied on ?
Manner of death?

Homicide based on what?
It was based primarly based on the info we had on the medical care MJ receded. The care was substandard.

And there were several actions that should have been taken and we don’t have any evidence that they were taken.

Such as.
1st would be physician should not use propofol as indicated. so the use of propofol was for insomnia
2nd when you give a drug such as propofol you have to be prepared for complications. Common, are, lowering of blood pressure, and you need to be prepared to treat that.
there can be difficulty in breathing and air way and have 2 be prep. to treat that via intubation.

The intubation

The dr. left Mr. Jackson while he was anethetistized. and that is something that you should not do.

Why souldn’t ysomething you should not do.
Under anethesia, you have to have someone there quickly, so if there is some bad side effect you can (attend?) to it.

In determinig that this was a homicide, did you determine cause of death.

Accute propolfol intoxication and benzodiazipine effect. The autopsy showed (mentions drugs. Mostly propofol but benzos in less amts.)

Both benzos and propofol are ? medications. (

So, this combined effect, they combined and worked together to create heightened sedation.

Yes, I would expect in combination they would have produced heightened than by themselves.

Cross by Flanagan.

You conclusion as to this being a homicide, assumes the admnistration of propofol by another? Yes.

You’ve made several findings in your conclusion of you is it a fact, you indicated that certain that benzo was administered by another. yes.
and that propofol was administered outside a hospital setting? Yes.
Miss next q.

In your conclusion, situation doesn’t support self administration of self treatment of propofol? Yes.

Did you come across any factors that were inconsistent with your conclusions. No, I don’t believe so.

Dr. I want to refer you to, I believe you have it in your autopsy report, it might be the second to last page? Do you have that in front of you? Yes.
Did you use this page in informing your opinion ? Yes.

Asks info about the heart blood. 3.2 propofol and 6.8 lidocaine see that? Yes.

Now tell me, how do drugs get in to the heart blood?
Well, in this setting, propofol has to be administered intraveinously, and so that blood circulates throughout the body.

Well I was asking generally. Well, there has to be some way to get in there. Through an IV or orally.

So, an injection? Yes. Iv? Yes. Orally, Yes.

Asks about the razapam in the heart blood. .162 razapam.

That’s a significant amount of razapam isn’t it? Y

It’s what we would call a therapeutic does? Yes.
So, someone who hadn’t built up a tolerance would be sleepy (?Y)
So that would be enough to put someone asleep as a sleeping aid isn’t it? Y

It’s not enough to kill someone is it? No, not by itself.

Asks about the proportions of propofol and lidocaine.
And then asks about the hospital blood.

Asks him to explain the differences in 4 to 1 and 8 to 1 ratio.
Explains that one of the things that propol does is go.....? Not understanding. Sorry.

During resusitation and during post motem period, there is time for the propofol to move from circulation into the tissues.

Questions I miss.

Now moving onto the femoral blood questions and other substances and asking about the relationship of the ratios.

Asks why they test from different areas (heart, femoral).

From those tests the lorazopam was fairly consistently distributed throughout (?) Yes, you could conclude that.

Viterous fluid question. He’s not sure why the toxicologist tested it.

The liver. You nalyzed te liver, a 12 to 1 ratio, correct? Yes.

Is that why the liver captures more of the propofol and that’s where it’s metabolized? (short answer, yes; I don’t get the long answer.)

The liver might capture a little bit of it and keep it? Yes.
Gastric contents.

Gastric contents discovered by you during autopsy? Yes.
Those gastric contents, were those the 70 grams of dark fluid?

The dark fluid, how did you get that out of the stomach? At autopsy, I removed the stomach and used a ladle ....missed rest of answer.

Did you have an opinion as to what that dark fluid was? (miss)
You would have known if it was blood? Well, it’s difficult to tell the difference from digested blood.

Do you know if the fluid could have been fruit juice? It could have been.
It could have been beet juice or grape juice? (?)

I did not specifically ask them to analyze the stomach contents, but they did.

Ratio of propofol in stomach.
Two mechanisms for things to get in the stomach. If there is bleeding in the stomach. Another is that things, drugs, can come in from the stomach through adjacent organs.

Is there also antoehr method? Speaking of these particular substances, I think it is possible to take lidocaine orally, I don’t think you could take propofol orally.

Why can’t you take propofol orally?

Well, from my understanding you need to take it via IV.

But in the event that propofol were taken orally, that’s one way it could appear in the stomach? Yes, that’s a way it could appear in the stomach.

When popfol is taken in the vein, it causes a burning sensation, it’s very uncomforatable isn’t it? Yes.

So, usually it’s usually mixed with some lidocaine, or lidocaine is put in ahead of it isn’t it? Yes.

But, if propofol was taken orally, it would have caused pain in the esophogus or stomach? I don’t know.

Miss question.

So, if like if propofol 4.5 to 1 , 8 to 1 and 3 to 1 and the rest of the body favored propofol over lidocaine, if the gastric contents came from the blood system, it would most likely favor propofol over the ????

I don’t know....( long explanation) Lidocaine could possibly be distributed in a different (indication?) than propofol.

Is it your info, propofol in it’s redistribution could go into that dark liquid in the stomach? It’s a possibility.

Also possibility, if propofol is taken orally, and lidocaine taken on top of it, is that also a possiblity? It is a possiblility , although in this case the amt in the stomach is so mall, they would have taken a small amt of propofal orally.

Propofol is a nasodialator? isn’t it? So it owuld have been absorbed quicly?

(miss answer)

So 150 ml of prop taken orally, and it caused a burning sensation, and it caused the need for some lidocane, for the eshop, and stomach, you would have found that porportion in the stomach correct? (answer about rations.

Do you ahve an opinon about how much propool would have to be in the blood stream, to reach those blood levels? No, I would need to rely on a toxocologist to figure those levels out.

The levels (found) were very high levels? You would see that in someone who was under full anethesia? Asks about body weight.

I can’t speak to those (levels?)

You don’t know how anyone gets to anethesia with propofol (levels??) ? No, I don’t.

Asks about millogram per kilogram weight.

The recommended dose would be 2 millograms per killogram weight. ans.

It would depend on extent on how rapidly the propofol is given and over the length of time... (ans)..

25 mil would not get you to those levels. No, it wouldn’t

25 mil of propofol would be cleaned out of the system within in 10 to 20 mnutes? That’s a likely yes.

So if the Dr. gave an injection of propofol of 25 mil, propofol acts really quickly doesn’t it? Yes, I would expect it would take effect within a minute of injection.

If no continuation, the person would wake up in xxx of minutes? (Yes?)

You read Dr. Murray’s statement as part of your, and you read that he gave 25 mg of propofol sometimes between

He never said he gave a drip did he? Well, my recolection of the statement is that he gave it over 25 minutes.. (more explanaton)

But he never said he gave a drip, on that day? No, he didn’t.

Now, the 25 mnutes, you’re relying on that transcription, Yes.

Now if it was 3 t0 5 mnutes, and that was a transcription error, you would expect for the patient to wake up? Obj sustained.

Now arguing over whether to play the transcript and then bring the doctor back.

Now wants to ask the dr. a hypothetical.

JP In order to do that, we have to have facts in evidence.

DW: Counsel has had the transcript in evidence for months now.

EC: If we can’t ask the hypothetical, then, we’ll have to play the tape.

JP: then, where’s the audio.

I’d like to ask him a hypothetical with facts that I think we can prove up.

DW: I don’t know how to respond. (more)

I’ll allow the question to be asked based on good faith, and subject ot motion to strike.

IF Dr M gave a 25 mil of propofol, over a period of three to five minutes, you would expect it to produce sleep. I would think it would produce sleep.

And the sleep would be very short lived wouldn’t it? Yes.

And then sleep would no longer be produced... Yes, I think that would be correct.

In the event a person were to wake up, after 5 ten minutes, and ingest enough propfol... first of all stomach ingestion is only about 3/4 effective at IV? Oral medication is the same mill dose, is only about 3/4 effective in the stomach as to an IV.

Based on propofol needs to be gien via IV I’m not sure what would happen.

So there are not a lot of studies on it right? No.

So if you ahd a totally untrained person, such as MJ, you would expect it to be absorbed into the blood stream wouldn’t it? I don’t now if it would be digested or absorbed.

Questions about injesting lidocaine, you would expect that to appear in the stomach? (Yes?)

Asks questions about ratio in the blood stream.
I’m not sure what would come out of the blood stream.

And if this is the hypothetical, of ingestion of propofol by the decedent, and ingestion of lydocaine, by the decdeent, this would not be a homicide?

I would think it would still be a homicide. Based on the qualit y of the medical of care, I would still consider it a homicide even if the Dr. did not give the propofol,

Just the fact that there was propofol there in the first place. This is not the accepted setting to administer propofol in the first place.

He was not prepared for any adverse effects.

You think the Dr. should be ? for ?

have you ever seen where a pateint self administered propofol? I have seen one case? And that was a Dr/ Yes.

Are you aware of one in LA county? I believe there is at lest one, I’m not sure whether it was in LA county or not. I know I heard of a case in???

When that nurse self administered propofol, did you call it a homicide? obj sustained.

Asks about anethesiologist consultation. Answered a question, could the decedent have given propofol himself, and based on that (ans?) you stated the death homicide. Yes.

She concluded (aneth. name I missed) the propofol could not have been self administered, due to the configuration of the IV set up.

The IV catheter was in the left leg. Yes. Do you know where it was? It was a little bit above the knee.

Asks about where the IV was in the body, the IV port next to the knee?

Depends on where the tubing was configured (ans).

Question, question, about the tubing from the leg and where how far the port is from the knee.

In the anes. explaining the difficulty of the IV set up, she goes onto explain how difficult and what position he would have to had been in a particular positon.

How difficult would it have been for him to reach his knee area? Obj sust.
Would you say that that area, would make it very difficult to use the port at that Y area.?
It’s not to difficult to touch your ankle, you can touch your ankle in bed can’t you? Well, for some people.

You just bend your leg don’t you?

Questions about how difficult it would have been for someone, not medically trained to start an IV.

In order for Mr J to administer the propofol himself. Certain things have to happen. The dr had to stop the drug. Then he has to leave. and Mr. J has to wake up. and you have to be sufficiently aware to be in some way to press the ? into the syringe...

Dr. told us he was in the bathroom for a very short time. and so could have all of those things happen in such a short time.

And you’ve come across facts that the doctor was on the phone... for about 40 minutes.

Never considered that he was on the phone for 30 minutes. No.
Or the phone call to the lady in Tx? no.
Or you would agree, if the patient was kept asleep and the only propofol given the patient was 25 mil then you would expect the patient to be awake in 5 minutes? Yes.

And after that five minutes, certainly within 20 minutes, he wouldn’t be under the influence of propofol. “Less likely.”

So there’s basically is two possibilities of self administration. is IV and orally. Yes.

The gastric contents tends to support the oral assumption. No, I don’t think the gastric contents support that. He mentions the small amount in the stomach.

How big is a microgram compared to a milligram. A microgram is one thousands of a milligram.

The 1.6 of lidocaine that would be 1600 micrograms wouldn’t it. Thats correct.

and 1600 in those stomach contents is way more than any organ that was tested? I couldn’t say that. the 1.6 pertains to the entire stomach and the other referrs to the.... miss rest of answer.

I can’t keep up.

Now going over ratios again. Sheesh.

I take a break. My fingers are tired.

A: The idea of someone taking 1.6 mg of lidocaine, I mean, that’s such a small amount.

Now goes over prior testimony with the coroner... testimony from the paramedics who thought MJ coded 1/2 hour before there arrival. And we have comments about the interrupted phone call...

Flanagan, is he rambling?


I’m just stopping typing now. He’s asking about space of time, etc.

Coroner goes over his notes of the Dr. statement to detectives. He reads from that.

Now, in event taht you get propofol that you get to the blood levels you see here, you would anticipte a rapid onset of sleep, deep sleep , you would expect a rapid onset wouldn’t you? Yes.

When we say rapid onset, what would you say that is. Well, rapid onset of (administer?) you would see within about a minute.

Now asking about the 2 milligrams per kilogram of weight.

I can’t take it anymore. My brain is hurting.

Even at those levels, that would quickly metabolize wouldn’t it? If taken in those ? you would expect (wake up)? ?? I’ve got this wrong.

Yes assuming his breathing was not supported. (ans to q I missed)

So, unless the Dr. left within 2 minutes, you’d see the patient stop breathing. But if MJ ingested (?) when Dr. is out of the room...


A large portion of Mr. F questions was on the assumption that the dosage that MJ received was 25 mg.

Well, what Im asking about the dosage, that was based on Dr. M statement. And one option is that’s not an accurate accounting of what Dr. Murray gave him. (correct?)

Hypothetical, that Dr. Murray was giving MJ propofol every night for weeks, for insomnia, ...I don’t get it all....

Let’s asume that Dr. left him alone with the patient and the patient self administered, (snip; I don’t get the full hypothetical) you would still (rule it a homicide based on the standard of care.) Yes.

Recross Flanagan

The evidence that Dr. M gave him 25 mil is his statement and you have to conclued that don’t you? Yes.

If MJ was given 150 mil. that would produce sleep within a minutes. yes, and he would also wake up from that unless he died wouldn’t he? Yes.

So, even if Dr. Murray gave more than 25 mg between 1040 and 10:50 we still have the same result that MJ would be awake at 11 oclock?

Yes, asuming there was a single dose.

And that he would also be dead by 11 oclock? ???

But when propofol wears off, you’re somewhat fully recovered aren’t you? (I think answer is yes???)

And somehow, if it’s accordng to the paramedics Mr J dies around noon or just before, these are the levels that would probably be in his system at autopsy, Yes, and those levels couldn’t possibly have come from a 10 40 or 10 50 injection?

No redirect.
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#22  麻醉师及药学专家Dr. Richard Ruffalo证词

Richard Lewis Ruffalo

What do you do? I’m physician and a clinical ???. What type? Anethesiologist.

And clinical ??? Individual that does peri medicine, before during after surgery, pain management.

And what’s a clinical pharmacologist? That’s someone who studies drugs and how they are used.

Can you give us educational background.

Bs, Ms, then degree in Pharmacology. Went back to medical school and completed his medical degree.

primarly my work is chinical practice and consult with companies from time to time.

Work at HOAGE. Largest hospital in orange county. Most of my time is a clinical anethesiologist.

Also a part time professor. Teaches at UCLA

Also assists medical board in medical investigations. Part time... made himself available to do that? For mant years, represented defendants investigated...

As it relates to medical board investigations, he usually works for the dr accused of providing insufficinet care. Thats corr.

He was asked to offer his consultation in the death of MJ? I was.

Received a letter from him, to review a body of materials and give an opinion. Yes.

281 page notebook. Did it include a number of reports, medical records, things of that nature? Yes.

In repsonse, did you write a report summarizing your findings Y
Did you note in your report materials that you had reviewed? Yes.
His report a 47 page document? It’s a lot of pages.

1st page, states reviewed coverletter from walgren.
go through all the materials reviewed, interview statemetns audio recordings of transmissions from UCLA

Lists all the UCLA doctors statements, UCLA records, phone records, photographs. He reviewed everything.

And regarding autopsy, rpt, did you speficially indicate, taht in The DA’s off providing autopsy to you, that the coroner’s anetheisolgist consultaton report. was removed.

So his review was completely independent.


And is that important that document was removed. Absolutely. it could have biased my opinions.

In your report, go through a nmber of topic areas. C orrect.

Did you cover toe toxicology in your rpeot? I did.

Made reference to the coroner’s tox report in your report? Yes.

People’s 68 for identifcation. Summary of positive tox findings.

One of the things he reviewed.

In reviewing those findings, based on your anethe background and the pharmicology background were you able to come to a conclusing. Yes I was.

Looking at the various blood samples, at the ones that were drawn. UCLA and at autopsy, based on my expertiese I was able to draw a conclusion as to what those levels meant.

As to propofol... unfortunately the numbers that’s most representative is the hospital number, that’s the true post mortem. because numbers change after time after death.
That is the most “colsely related” to antemortem. However it was drawn after the patient had recieved a significant amount of IV fluid. So that level would be lower than what would have been when the paramedics started resusitation.

When blood is drawn and put in a vial, propofol degrades over time. When we do cases in our literature, ...

We’re talking about half the 4.5?

Basically saying the time at death, would be even higher than that.

So for the basis of conclusion, the blood drawn at the hospital, would be the closest to antimortem...

Explain postmortem redistribution. It’s a misnomer, it means drugs can change their distribution. It also depends on where they were drawn, and how the blood was stored, and also the body temp, and issues of decomposition.

So all those things have various effects.

Some pharmologica drugs, ...change their effect. (ans.

Is there based on the drug looking at, do you have ways to predict or interpret redistrobution of these drugs in the body.? To some extent. (longer explanation about sample storage, etc.)

The more you know the better idea you can have.

Lot of variables that come into play that come into that analysis? A lot of variables, but luckily there is a lot of literature... (more ans)

Various benzodiazpines. Specifically, did you review the,
can you tell us generally, what observations conclusions you made as it relaes?

The most important was the lll know as adavan. clearly those levels are subject to a very small degree of difusion, it doesn’t have as much redistrobution. So it’s a little less susceptable to that. (more explanation)

So, it tiells us there was a significat amount of ?lorazapam in the blood. Significant degree of sedation.

So these levels of moraz, in the heart blood, are they ? ?

They were not being broken down like the propofol.....

He has such a low tone voice, it’s hard to follow him.

They are still 5 to 30 percent lower than what they would have been antimortem.

The readings on people’s 69 consistent with 4 milligrams given via IV. ? They are really high.... there is a lot. It’s about reflective of much higher (doses given).

So, he thinks the numbers of the benzodiazapams from the heart blood, he thinks reflect an injection/ingestion of a HIGHER dose than what Dr. Murray states he gave.

Explains the different states of sedation. Slight sedation, deep sedation, and under of anethesia general vs minor surgery.

Under general, they can obstruct theri airway even though they look like they’re breathing.

Asks to explain. So his airway is constricted, but his chest still rises and falls.

The breath is shallow, and not as often. (I’m thinking that the diaphram muscles keep working, but not necessarily air is moving.)

Talks about deeper and deeper sedation and how the air way can be constricted.

Asks about a pulseoxysemiter. It measures the saturaton of oxygen of blood cells.

Tells if blood is pushed through the thumb, then oxygen is being pushed forward. Tells you aobut how much oxygen is in the red blood cells. It’s an important thing.

Gives you heart rate, how much oxygen saturation, and profusing. (ans)

So it helps you to figure out a number of things.

Can it tell you if someone’s airway constricted? No, that’s the problem, You may stop breathing, but it may take a minute or two, before the oxysimeter tells that your oxygen has declined. There are much better ways.

Would a pulseoxsemiter be sufficient? It would be insufficient.

What would you need in the way of monitoring. One of the things would be you need blood pressure so you can track the base line over time.

When you say base line, that means some type of documentation over time? Yes.

All of thse things are affected by those drugs, (heart rate pulse rate, oxygen) so you need a monitor that measures all of that. (ans)

Even thoe the pusoxmeter gives you a heart rate, it does’t give you the spike (like on a screen). There’s no way to monitor ventelation. (with that equipment)

Another thing, a stethescope is attached to the chest to check the breathing... so you can listen to the breath sounds, in and out. You can monitor it that way...

But that’s hooked up to machinery. (yes explans)

Goes (above) over the many means you can moniter breath when no intubation.... (hand over nose mouth) real time, monitoring the breathing....

They give you depth, idea.... (ans)

Talks about the things that give you information so you can monitor, and predict, so if something goes wrong, you know what it is and what you can do.

If you combine administ. of propofol with benzodiazipones, does that require a hightened level of monitoring? It just means you have to know more of the blood interaction? The difficulty of drug interaction would be increased? (Yes?)

If you are giving a single dose of propofol, and you’re not going to continue, you may not need an expidoroxide monitoring.....because you might not need that monitoring, but when you’re giving it with other drugs...you need the extensive monitoring when you’re using long acting drugs.

More questions I’m having hard time getting.

You need to be prepared to do resussitative efforts, when giving the long acting drugs.

Guidelines regarding memoralizing, recording the patient sedation levels, etc.

Need to start to at basline, before you get to the drugs, (metions all the things equipment etc) an you need the anti? as well. Not only you get the vitals, but you get the continuation (of the state of the patient).

Brain wave monitor. If you’re trying to keep a patient in a steady state, you can look at all your non brain monitors, so this is a kind of crude EKG. It’s also another monitor that’s used as well. Those types of things, although not necessarily standard, all those things will give data points out and you follow those data oints over time.

Blood pressure, oxygen, heart activiities., etc. Things that tell you the level of sedation.
You can do a nmber of things. You can look at their pupils. These are all clinical things you can mark and that you can look for.

It tells you what things are changing over time.

Regards of level of consciousness, how often should those be noted... Counting everything, every five minutes.

Are they published guidelines, for non anethesiologists administering anethesia drugs? Yes, they’ve been around for al ong time.

For people who are using propofol in combo with other drugs. Those same monitor are incuded in to what we mentioned here.

and because of rapid cange, in continuim... on a monitor, how to monitor, the qualifications on ow to interven based on the data they see and receive.

11:48 am KFI’ Eric Leonard rushes off.

And must be trained in advanced cardiac life support.
what is ca life supp. In addition on basic, in addition how to determine data, you need to know how to intervene in a full arrest, and cardiac mycardia. Need to know how to do all the tools,

Would that include trachea intubation? Yes.
Would it include a defibulator? Yes.

And all the advannced cardiac medicaitons? Yes.
Focusing on the equipment.

In your review of the treamtent provided, what do you feel is necessar,

Airway equipment, if the patient is obstructed, you need ot know how to deal with that obstruction. you can do a jaw lift, you can pull the tongue out.... You can blow in one or both nostrils... if htatdoesn work you can try an oral airway, it’s one that goes in the mouth, if that doesn’t work, you can use insteand of a trackh tube, we have something called a low ridge mask airway. Describes.

But it creates, gets all the obstruction items out of the way.

Explains more techniques....

What is the jaw lift, and what is the porpose of that. Air way obst is more a combination of the tongue flling back into the throwat. solifting the jaw, that will cause the tongue to mve forward.

he’s showing how one lifts the jaw on both sides near the ear (medial attachment of the mandible?).

With two people, ...oh with soley an airway obstructon?

when you push back here, if ou do it youslefk it’s very painful and it can arouse you . But if they are in deep sedation, or under general anethesia.... that pressure and angle, it can be painful and cause them to wak up.

Shows the particular handling of the jaw and states that one should be trained in how to do that. (who monitors airway).

Would you also need to have advanced airway equipment on board in this setting?

.(??)... is also good to have and also an intubation tube, and you have to have training on how to do it.

Most of the time, if you’re unskilled, you’re going to get swallowing.

another thing that used to be used, is a combi tube. (com- bee?) Talks about where this tube goes, and how it’s used to inflate a balloon. Not used very much anymore.

Anything else for advanced airway equipment. Must be able to do an emergency tarco traciotomy. That gets you right into the windpipe .... and put a catheter in there.... and then put a very hard plastic piece that gets in there and pumps it back up.

Also mentioned in your report, to have various pharmological antagonists. What did ou mean by that, when you give (mentions opiates) ...you must have antagonists on hand.

If you don’t know what’s going on with the patient, you have those on hand. He mentions the drugs that reversse the benzodiazapines, and those other drugs that work to reverse common overdoses.

would it have caused any harm to give narcam (?)

Emergency ACL life support that should be present.? Are you now talking about the reversal agents...

I’m talking about the entire equipment (drugs, etc) that should be on hand to treat for ACL....

Mentions several drugs and what they do.


Stipulation regarding the Dr. Murray transcript. Reflected on page 37 line 18 typo error, slowly infused over 25 minutes. Should read slowly infused over 3-5 minutes.

Requisite equipment for these type of benzo and prop treatment.

Had you mentioned an entitle CO2 monitor. Means entitle, the end of a resting breath. Tech term, capnograph.

Is an entitle cO2 monitor something thatwould be required? Exactly.

Is it something that would be able to detect an airway obstruction? that woud be correct.

Now, I want to direct attention back to exhibit 68, want to aks specif. about some of these foundings as they may or may not relate to one another.

Gastric contents. 1.3 lido 1.6 and were you able ot determine through review medical evidence.

Coronor reported there were aditional contents of fluid, what you would do total content, 1.3 of propofol inside the 70. Same with the lidocaine.

The numbers reflect in 68, do those reflect the concentraiton.

Those reflect the amout not concentration, taht was found within the 70 mil. And with your expertiese and math, convert to a concentration.

propofol = consults notes. 0.00186 mg per milliliter.

What does that mean as far as level of concetration. It’s a very (low?) concentration compared to the liver.

Now, the lidocaine, that’ waht I would expect.

The liver for example. the propofol, the concentration is higher than what is in the stomach. Even though the liver is a very high, there is no blood flow to give that concentration back and forth. Drugs go from a high concentration to low, but they are inhibited to a degree by the organs...

You could also say the same of the heart.
going fro a high to a low concentration.

Did same for lidocaine. When converted get concentration.
.0228 milligrams per milliliter. It’s same issue as the propofol difference is difference in concentrations difference in high to low and different drugs are more or less readily diffused. Depends on their type of charge, the molecules.....

Once you ahve the concentrations taht you’ve computed, they’re very low... yes.
Are they consistent with concentrations taken orally?
With lidocaine it would have to be much higher.

And how about propofol. Same.

In the report you created, did you identify particular issues that deviated from the standard of care in this case. I did.

Did you go through those items to document the level of departure? I did.

Series of issues as simple of departure.

Failure to recognize the ? pulse. thready pulse.

Lengthy description. and that there is at least a solic blood pressure. I mis it all.

That woul d tell you, don’t start CPR. chest compression. Start air way.

Air way is first
Breathing is second
Compression is third.

So, thready pulse is the first departure.

How about the failure to appreciate the drug on drug on acton. Same thing. The issue of not recognizing you can forgive, but still you need to know what to do to correct it.

In statement, that he was likely but not sure that MJ was addicted but he was not sure. the fact is, that he was propperly informed of that. (That there are some cases of addiction that he did not research up.)

And propofol indicated for the treatment as a sleep aid or insomnia. Absolutely not.

Dr. Murray to recognize that as a departure. correct.

As far s MJ not breathing, as a departure. I did.

When you have a patient with respitory depression involving benzodiazp... so the treatment to reverse.... (sheesh. I mis it.

Focusing on just those that ou mentioned, who now become an extreme departure of care. Yes.

So each individual, when you put them together, it becomes so agregous, that it becomes extreme. That any phoysician should know, should be trained in the basics of life support.

Standing alone, extreme.
Failure to use appropriate monitoring equip.
blood pressure equip, that is electronic. People have them in their home and they set the time.
Next EKG. Even have an o

A defribrilator.

Then have pulsoximitery. which should have a sound alarm for a change in oxygen. preprogrammed for an automatic alarm that you can set high or low.

CO2/ chap alarm, so that you get a qualatative depth of breathing. (more explaination)

And the absence of equip would be an extreme departure.

Failure to inform the paramedics and doctor’s the nature of the drugs given. Yes. You should let those (trying to ressitate to know all drugs given.)

Failure to monitor and document all drugs given. Yes. Explains the details of what you monitor and what can change (the breathing, the blood pressure, depth of sedation) all those things can be factored in and recorded.

Failure to remain and be present. What did you mean by that.
1. if you have a patient that is being given drugs like this, with a patient in like anethesisa. you have ot be vigilant you have ot bet there all the time. Someone hwo is qualified ot handle the issue and monitor the equipment.

If you walk out and leave the patient, things can happen. If you do’t know what the patient did, if you didnt nitice it or record it or note it, no matter what, you are responsible 100 percent for the patient.

Failure to provide ACLS care. And you described that as an extreme departure.

Overall, identified several points of extreme deviation of care.

Failure to immediately call 911. If you are a single person by yourslef, the first thing you do is to call to get (other’s to help).

Failure to use ambu bag, with oxygen. Dr. Explains the use and how it’s used. Long explanation as to how the ambu bag can give you information back, (to see the chest move(

Airway and breathing, are the first steps.

Failure to apply the ABC’s of ACLS.

And addressed the one handed CPR on the bed. “Totally useless.”

One handed behind the back? It’s totally useless. You can’t get enough pressure to push down on the chest. We use that in neonatal. Describes what you should do with an adult in the bed. Describes how you get them out of the bed easily. Even if you claim you can’t move the person from the bed, the proper training would be to protect the head, slide the individual off the bed, and then bea ble to start chest compression.

Even if they are morbidly obese, you can generally do that. (ans)

Failure to use the nasal trumpets. (Yes. long explaination)

Long explanation about airway trumpets.

Included in this category you also identify the failure to have the appropriate ACLS medications o nhand.

Fairlure to use the correct clomazinal dose. absolutely.
Fail to rappidly assess the situation and failure to give the appropriate ACLS care, and that all is an extreme departure. That’s correct.

during the noo hour, that there was an ifusion time error,
do those opinions all stand, even if he infused over 5 minutes.
Doesn’t make any difference. (ans)

Just asume that’s true, and either through being on the phone or where ever he was, and the patient self administered, even the, still stand,

That would be then another extreme departure, because the patient is a known addict, and the docotr then allowed that much like a known heroin addict, and leaving a syringe of drugs available. It’s an extreme departure.

And making sure the patient can’t have self access to drugs. That’s an extreme departure.


Did you work our your map on the gastric over the noon hour? yes.

Certainly wasn’t in your report was it? No.

who did caliculations? I did.

Trying to back track for what he came up with the contents .0xx for prop. in stomach. No. Content would be numbers there. Concentration is per unit of volume.

Would you come up with those numbers, would you just ivide those numbers by 70? Yes.
In dividing by 70, piece of paper here... now wants to put that on the ELMO...

Flanagan, does this on the ELMO... converting it to concentation. the math. too funny.

Questions, about the fluid in the stomach. I stop typing. I don’t see how they are important.

Now askng about micrograms vs milligrams of the stomach content...

45x what it is in the hospital blood.
That doesn’t go with your theory.

Yes, I made a mistake.

Now if we have 45x whats in the stomach than what’s in the blood. then we have evidence of oral ingestion.

We may have to check with the coroner, to check with what the numbers mean. Now, it doesn’t make sense unless he ingested it orally.

SO he had to have ingested it orally?

obj misstates evidence.

So, I may have made an assumption, depending on how the coroner reported this.
(So, his calculation over lunch may not be correct.) (me)

So as it stands, you made a mistake. I made an interpretation mistake. I thought it was micrograms and it’s really milligrams.
So, we’re back to it being orally? Well, we’ll have to talk to the coroner.

It’s a big difference isnt’ it? I totally agree.

Now, in your report, you went thorugh all the statements, (blah blah blah), and Dr. Murray statement, he said he gave 25 mil prop between 10 40 and 10 50. didn’t he.?
and the statement you said was over 25 minutes.
that’s what I reviewed in the report.

Oh, if he gave it over 3-5 minutes...?
Still, it’s a very small dose.

Now asking about the other drugs in the heart the coroner found....

JP asks about something.

This is getting down into the minucia.

Now, assuming the 25 ml between 10 40 10 50. That could keep him asleep short period of time. Well, six five minutes.

We are coming back tomorrow. PIO confirmed.

As of 11 oclock, propofol is no longer keeping him asleep. That’s always possible.

From Dr. M statement and phone records, Dr. Murray probably was out of the room for 40 minutes.

Let’s assume that’s right. ad made the assumption that he discovered that Dr. M discovered MJ not breathing around 11:50 something.

That would put him in a little bit of a panic state? I would assume (think?) so.

Did you know that at that time, he yells for security at 12:05.

So the delay from discovery, So what should he do...

He should have monitored the situation, the pulseoxsimeter.... (more explain) so, it’s airway and breathing.

Now how long should he spend diagnosing airway and breathing before he ran for health.
If he had done the airway and breathing, he probalby wouldn’t hae needed to run for help.

Just get the patient through that step.

So you just need to fix the airway and breathing.? Tha’ts correct.

The propofol in the blood from the hospital was 4.5 how could he have brought him back? (question not completely right)

doctor responds that sure. He could bring breathing back.

The doctor give a good explanation as to why if the intervention was immediate, and the right intervention, he could have brought the breathing back.

How would he know, that propofol was in the blood at that concentration? You don’t. But you know you have a known addict patient, who may do anything.

But you should anticipate that your patient... ?

Same situation as a heroin addict.

First, do no harm.

You would know the patient would drink it? Well, maybe not know drink it but certainly inject it. You know the patient. He’s a known addict. (Should have anticipated.)

But based on the toxicology, it looks as if he drank it? Not necesarily. He abandoned his patient.

If he had a cell phone, he could dial 911..

Is it beyond the care not to do that himself? Absolutely.

Now goes back to the numbers... with the stomach, and ingestion. Witness doesn’t know concerning ingestion.

Would you also agree that ingestion of propofol would be less efficient than IV. Yes, it’s going to take time (to absorb).

Propofol: another sort of hypothetical. of injecting 150 vs ingesting...? He doesn’t know about ingestion. No studies. It is a high fat solulable drug. The higher the fat solulability, the greater the absorption through biological tissues. (That may not be exactly what he said.)

have you heard the term conscious sedation. Yes. very much so. Write about it in the books. Yes. Different from general anethesia? yes, but long explanation about continuing that long sedation level. And that’s all part of that “misnomer” conscious sedation.

Conscious sedation diff from general anethesia? Depends on the drugs involved.

We don’t know in this case, how the mixture of drugs (worked on the body).


Assuming self admistration as Mr. F included, would any of your opinions change in your standard of care? No. You don’t walk away from a patient. (explains in detail. Addicts, that is the first tip off, you dont walk away, just like a heroin addict.)

Your opinion doesn’t change whether or not there was a self administer.... No. the standard of care doesn’t change. You don’t walk away from a patient.

No recross.
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Is there a defense motion to dismiss?

Yes there is.

JP has to explain to atty’s the procedure here in ct.

It’s in your court.

Defense is a little befuddled (Low?)

Your honor I’m trying to see ow we started out in this court, and probaly started out in a detail anticiption, as to why his office has accused Dr. Murray of this ugly thing.

When looking back at some of the things written down.

well, propofol, is for general surger only, so I guess we wnat to keep this specific to the facts.

Rambling statement if you ask me.

So you have to determine, if Mr. Walgren put on evidence to support each and every one of the (elements)?

Was Dr. Murray, ?? killed Michael Jackson?

When did we hear where the time of death, once we can figure out the time of death we can know who was involved.

They didn’t ask the Coroner the time of death.
Dr. cooper was asked what time she announced, but no time for arrest( cardiac).

I’m sorry. This is unforkin’ believeable.

Now about what the paramedic’s thought MJ died.

We don’t have a time of death, we have an approximation.

We didn’t hear anyone say who killed MJ. we have a lot of ????

I don’t understand that. All that testimony comes after the fact. Who’s going to tell me, what Conrad Murray did before his death, that caused that death.

There is only person, through Detective Martinez, was Dr. Conrad Murray.

I’m sorry. This is comical if you ask me.

Every expert that Mr. Walgren called agreed, that 25 mg propofol of what Dr. Murray pushed, was not enough to kill a man.

Witnesses called, said that the amount of propofol in the stomach, (was enough to???)

More talk about levels found in the body after the fact got in there that we dont know how.

Came from ? only or came from Michael Jackson only or came from a combination.

The amt of propofol found in the stomach of MJ, and the fact that you have the juice on the counter, and no history ever of Dr. M would give him oral prpopfol drugs.

Again, strong possibility based on the prior.... when it comes down to Dr. M, did you kill MJ, it just didn’t make any sense.

If you look at the conduct of Dr. Murray over 3 months time, Dr. M would have the best understanding day after day after day, exactly how MJ would have reacted to the propofol drugs.

All those machines in the hospital tell doctors who have never seen a patient before....but Dr. Murray, who had seen MJ day after day would have seen how this drug (interacted with him).

The course of conduct and the experience, and the day that Dr. Murray trying to wean him off the drug, he suddenly doses him out the roof? He’s a ? docotr. He cares about MJ.

We have a serious causation here.. What we did not hear was from I’m going to talk about a witness was not here, can I talk about that?

JP No,

Only we did not hear from a like minded similar cardiac doctor say on the stand in a similar situation to present on the standard of care. We heard from a professor and a clinicitian, says HE would require for standard of care. But that’s from an anethesiologist what he would use as a standard of care. We didn’t hear from a cardiologist in a similar situation and training.

And lastly sir, I know you heard that some of the experts were asked their opinion whether or not enough time it took to administer propofol 3-5 vs 15 minutes would not change their mind,
I would submit to you sir, that putting someone out for a few minutes. (longer argument here)

That it would be resonable to believe that it would put the patient out for more than about a few minutes.

And that propofol would have burned off... ( did he say that? !!!)

Now taking about Dr. Murray injecting about 10:40... they used that even so if Dr. Murray was away from MJ, so even if he was, how could he have given another dose of propofol?

so what was going on between 11 am and 12 am?

That goes to show ou right there that Dr. Murry could not have given that dose, he was on the phone.

We can talk about the proper way to do CPr, I don’t know that Dr. Murray should be held accountable for killing MJ for not “breathing the life” back into MJ.... (not sure that’s correct).

Something about “the guys in the field” who do this for aliving... sometimes (you just can’t save them????)

Based on your argument. how reasonable is it to accept, the proposition that a very demanding patient, was being tended to by his phys from 1 am to approx 10:40 and admistered a miryad of sedatives. different quantities, how that had no effect, how reasonalbe is it that administering a 5 minute does of propofol.?

I think it is reasonable, because you know it’s not going to last more than 5 minutes.

Dr. cooper presented, talked about using propofol to use on brain injury patients. But the other beautiful thing is it doesn’t last long and when you come out you’re not drugged out?

Isn’t the person stil lsleep devprived?

What purpose does it serve, if it’s only going to keep the person asleep for five minutes? JP

Low. talks about shot of adreneline. In front of hundreds of fans, and when you come off the stage, it just doesn’t shut off.... is that it’s difficult to come down off our own chemestry to say you will. Gives this other explanation of not being able to go to sleep....Then your natural body takes over so that our natural body sleep can take over.

Atleast it allows you to get ther.
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检察官David Wolgren结束陈辞


your honor, in contrst Mr. Low’s comment, it was not MJ time to go. It was not for the recklessnes of Dr. M. It was not his time to go.
MJ children are without a father.

And for him to opine, that it was just frankly time to go, is offensive.

The reason MJ is not here today, is because of the carless, neglegence careless incompetence of Dr. M.

MJ is dead at the hands of Dr M.

Walgren is very angry and passionately in a loud voice, arguing his case.

Every single drug on that report, was provided, by Dr. Murray.

He’s very forceful in his statements.

Goes over the testimony of various witnesses.

But at 12:12 receives first phone call MAW receives.

Mr. Alvarez, from when he enters the room.

He’s busy with hiding evidence.
He’s telling him to take these bags.
Take down an IV bag that appeared to have a bottle in it so that it could be placed elsewhere.

We also know Dr. M tells members of the detail, Dr. M is trying to get back to the home to get some cream, I submit it was to get back to the home to dispose of evidence.

paramedics testimony.
What we do know from paramedics, at no time did Dr. M mention propofol. when the information was needed, he never mentioned it. That goes to consciousness of guilt. But never once mentions propofol, but never mentions the benzodiaz he administered.

He doesn’t mention to UCLA medical doctors. He doensnt mention becuase he knows what he’s done, he knows that he’s trying to cover up.

Fleak testimony, and what she found at the house.

Also know, cooberating testimony of Alvarez, recovered an IV bag with a bottle of propofol upsidedown in the bag.

Toxicology findings by Jaime Lintemoot.

Testimony of how much propofol was shipped. 90 bottles shipped on June 10 just two weeks before his death.

Coroner testimony.
It’s still a homicide, even if MJ self administered.
Ruffalo testimony. The detail of the gross neglegence and standard of care. That it was an extreme departure from standard of care. ANY doctor, any doctor should know.

we heard from DEA as to the email. we know from the screen shots, that Dr. Murray is reding from the email.

We know that he’s responding with another lengthly email.
we heard in detail about thephone records, and the phone calls to girlfriends and from patients.

Heard from Sade Anding at 11:51, and that Dr. Murray stopped responding and after 5 mnutes , Dr. M stopped responding and she heard a comotion.

Now look at Dr. M ‘s own words.

Goes over what he has said that he did to treated MJ in the interview . Goes over his detail time line.

Goes to the bathroom and he’s shocked. Shocked to find MJ not breathing, and that he’s never breathing again.

Why is that significant.

MJ was called at 12:17.. That means Dr. Murray waited almost an hour before he calls 911. (over an hour)

Points out the specific contradiction. Given not the day of the incident, given 2 days after the incident in a hotel, with his attorneys.

Dr. Murray has time to think about the events thnk about what he’s going to say.

According to Dr. Murray’s own timeline, that he let MJ lie there for over an hour not breathing.

Or he could be lying about his timeline, and Dr. M is not being truthful about his timeline.

Third option, is that Dr. Murray is so utterly so incompetent and reckless, that he has no idea what he gave him or when.

Tragically, it led to the death of MJ, based on the theory of involuntary manslaughter.

took time to call Michale Amir. Took time to call security guard.

To call 911 would give a quicker response, but would not give him time enough to cover up what he had done.

Okay. Walgren is talking so fast I can’t get it all. My fingers are TIRED!

Goes over the explanations he gave for not calling 911 when he did and why he din’t get MJ off the bed so he culd do proper CPR.

You are trained ot grab them by the shoulder protect the head and drag them to the floor.

Goes over the cream he wanted ot get.

Propofol is not indicated for sleep. It’s used for an anethetic.

Heard about the failure tokeep medical records or to monitor.
failure to monitor and be present.

Failfure to provid the proper cardica care.

Standard was breached over and over and over again.

Because of Dr. M. actions is why MJ is not longer here, and NOt becuse it was his time to go.

He was motivated by other things. Because of his complete failure and his acton. that MJ is no longer with us.
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We confronted back then, Judge Schwartz, we asked for bail back then at 300, at that time Judge ordered bail to be set at 75,000 we now ask for bail for 300,000 for flight risk and safety of the public.

We understand that the judge was not as informed as your honor. Now that your honor has heard more of what has transpired, we ask that that bail.

Ms. Saunders Medical board.

We’re appearing on behalf of director of the medical board, to provide justice and that as a conditon of bail, that the defendant have restrictions on him as a conditon of his bail not to be able to practice,

After trial, that this order to this defendant not practice and to show that an order of the saftely to the public has bene met.

Sicne the defendant held over, that there are restrictions o nhis license are in effec,t we further request that he be prevented from practicing here in California.

delay in calling 911.

did not monitor patient while under heavy sedation.
(goes through her list of reasons to restrict his license.)

I’m not going to list all that she says. Sorry. It’s like a total repeat.

If he’s still allowed to practice, the public is at risk (more).

Waiting for action, (trial outcome) continues the public’s risk.

The judge can pose limitations on bail.

allowing the defendant to continue to practice is too much of a risk to the public.

At a minimum, the court impose the same restrictions.

First respond to def request to raise bail.
Flight risk and danger to the public.

Murray has always appeared. He has never failed to appear. Don’t know that he’s a flight risk. He’s already under 3 times the amount scheduled.

He did help a woman who has fainted in the air (flight).

No reason what so ever, and certainly not for reasons Mr. W stated. So I would disagree with that.

Medical license.

Now asking, you’ve found probable cause that something going on, but they have not provided any other infor, no complaints, no malpractice, he’s spent 21 years as a Dr... the thing you found probably cause for, was an issue in isolation.

The At G. full well knows, Dr. M hasn’t practiced in Cal since 2009. Dr. Murray prac have been limited to two other states. there’s no meaningful distinction from practicing, from that. His patinets, they do not have a doctor, the efffect it wil lhave on his personal life, his defense, is immediate.

You familiar with Gray vs medical board. the standard is immenent, public danger. It’s not immenent. If it was immenent, we would have heard this already.

All they’ve done, is waited for you to act. They could have gone in before. (feb, earlier)

If you’re trying to determine if it’s immenent public harm, then you need ot look at what they did to make that determination.

The effect on the citizens. they’ve asked you to take away his ability to practice in California. The real effect of that is nothing, since he doens’t practice here.

The real effect is punishment, because of where he does practice in TX.

Anything more Ms. Saunders. Yes your honor.

Defense states that Mr. Murray doesn’t have any complaints against him. Well, that was the same situation at the time of MJ death.

If he really doesn’t have any patients here, then not practicing here in California, won’t be a problem.

Prior, we didn’t have all the facts that we have now heard in the last six days.

More.... All of this makes him a danger, but to any patient he sees.

One more comment from Chernoff.
It’s not that Dr. M says he wants to practice in California, it’s the effect.

Talks about what he does currently, sees patients in his office and prescribes heart medication.

There are things you can do, verse the ? action.

Increase the bail, court denies the request. Satisfied that the bail presently set, which is three tiems the presumptive bail (is sufficinet(. Certainly recognize posture. ct does have the ability to reconsider, I have done so and I am satisfied and shall remain.

In regard of the requesto of the motion of the medical bouard, ct understands that any such order must comport with due process...

Cites a case I don’t get, before the court can undertake any restrictions of a defendant phys, the defense has a right to be provided with notice and a right to be heard.
Certianly the defense has been provided with notice, when the medical board presneted back in 2009 (error? ) and the ct took into cnsideration of that notice at that time.

At that time I made it very clear, my denial of the motion was bassed on the clear dicttles of the appellate couts of the state.

This court did not have the authority of bail at the juncture. or of the license.

if at the prelim the things change. in a predepravation hearing the court must balance due process. First the private interest that will be effected by the act.

The continued livelihood
the risk of eroneous depravation based on the depravaton used.
and the dignity interest.


This hearing has been a sginficant hearing as far as presentaton and evidence and the rights of the defense to explore evidence presented and to underline the sufficiency of any case. The corss has been extensive probing and vigerous. There is no eroneous issue of a deprivacy issue.

The prceduralsafeguards are to this proceeding as to this magistrate for fact finding.

The govts nterest and invovle the burdens... shoot. I can NOT keep up with Pastor’s ruling that he’s going through!

So as I balance all of these factors under Eldridge and Ppl vs Ramarez, due process has been afforded Dr. Murray .

Another case called, the def dr. murrya had been provided with a phonacaphy of legal proteection.

Ct is relying on all the facts presented, as well as allthe facts at this hearing

gillmar vs harmar

gray vs superior ct

In evaluation bail conditions, penal 1273, 1273 12 77,
explains about bail decision.

Circumstances have changed have changed dramatically,
court finds extraordinary manates to approving the request by the medical board.

So, he’s restricting the license or banning it all together.

cites a case.

the overall consideration of the protection of the public, and I’m satisfied that non intervention at this time, does impose a danger to public safety.

citing another case.
“There is no other profession where one passes so completely when one passes control of one person to another.”

In this case there is a direct nexus and connection between the actions of Dr. Murray, and a homicide.
(more) and the fitness and competence to practice medicine.

In undertaking an issue of restrictions ct recognizes the standard of proof is not simple probable cause, the standard of proof the ct must utilize, there is clear and convincing prooof that there is a certaintly that sanctions are appropriate.

another case.

This ct is satisfied by clear and convicing proof to a medical certainty.

Conditions of bail is appropriate. Orders all of existing conditons of bail amt. and also orders the conditonal

Immediatley cease and disist frompracticing in the state of californila is now suspended by this court as a conditon of bail.

They are to notifiy the approprite authorities in other states within the next 24 hours.

Provide represite proof to this court, in the next 24 hours.
to any and all licensing agencies where Dr. M holds a license.

Find there is good cause. (lists examples of the changed circumstances)

cites a case for finding. for good cause.

Dr. Murray is not to practice in any other jursdiction, in less he is so license.

Arraignment will be set two weeks from today.
January 25th, at 8L30 am.

Nothing else?

Stay this order pending apellate review?


That’s it. concluded.
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stroller 发表于 2011-1-5 09:58

2011年1月4日 - 洛杉矶县检察官大卫•沃尔格伦(David Walgren)开始陈述针对康拉 ...

2010年1月4日 - MJ《就是这样》的制作人兼导演肯尼•奥特加是第一个出庭证人。他说这MJ去世前一段时间,莫里医生对他于6月19日将MJ从排练现场送回家很生气。据奥特加说,莫里认为只有他自己才能做这类决定。


莫里医生(Dr. Murray)并非在与迈克尔•杰克逊的工作合同下工作,但在他成为迈克尔•杰克逊的医生之前,曾经治疗过杰克逊的孩子们。
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